Song and Dance

The song, the dance, the play, the stance

the hope, the stir, the linear blur

advances in expansive mantras

further to the light cure

above pale horses run free

Universes abundantly

Give you to me

I clicking clockwork Key

River’s flow in my paths

Yet each pulse heart’s craft

of destination oceanic masts

to far! To sea! To Liberty!

Each note echoing

through eternity

yet simple notes invite math

to conquer, control, relapse

then finish, start again, forward dash

backwards in pace, rhythms flute

lute’s sing clear lyre’s myriads shine

undermine light conceals time

each thought placed

upon the dendrites

root of our race

Tree’s grow up

further more down


moves the pulse

yet dragon’s tempt fate

on an all dates

Red to face to eclipse of hate

yet cyclops furies dates combated

slow into facets of altered reality

myths standard completing John Dee

So bliss is love nirvana and grace

where established is our human race

silently the dove echo’s

what is this I hear?

Tidings of great fear?

Heart’s own dancing mirror?

Can’t you see, that the life of self

is given to the days of wealth

but each passing moment

the fields and bridges combat the skeletons

that creep further form bones dependent

like moths that hinder not at the light

for if you follow the light

you never will burn

just fry into existences turn

but black cold death the body freezes

and gives the sword splicing agreements

but my sword is truth prevailing

my parents are in hope I’m bailing

from time in time out hope in me

but I can see the reasons free

that light surrounds the justice stake

and many things has come to relate

that I am a Wizard

surely no Gizzard

yet prophetic in my dance of nightmarish fever

it is so like me in this tie

to bring something clever online

but now I just dance







is further more on the side root of me

like the sweet juice that is free

from honey’s delight

ambrosia’ fright

but as I know

that path I take

will lave me to the crown

the highest stake

my temple of mind

my temple of sin

my temple of given glory kin

so as I can sense this dangerous thing

I know the lute of things

will always bring me back

crisp and hap

but I hope to you this is not some draft

fr I write this from the heart of my clasp

on Earth, in the Heaven’s

seven eleven times heaven

but I know that this place is like a following guise

but each man must make his own lies

to get by


live in time

forgive me for I will pure my vine

yet each anger shows

that green replaces and bows

other wisdom of the age s

the current of sages

cooing from my vends

clear through me

I can see this

but do you know

what I ma doing

I am wrapping your head

around cluing

you into this form

into this fact

into this proven all chemical rap

but as you know

when you switch hap on reverse

trance out and make the worse

come alive in your soul

the shadow you see

comes to be to the darkness liberty

so many trances have I fallen under

this is the same

birdbrain heals itself

through minds own pain

like trembling rocks

of troubling times

where minds segmented me and my mind

and now I’m back

version of hap

but the fiction comes back and back

so what I say

like days on days

is what this shows

is the message glows

so I end this line

that hopes you will shine

be at peace

give to others

be anointed

tell you brothers

that love I s here

alas has been

now look into it

for it is a scene+

About up2quark

I rest with silence and awareness; believing in hope for a brighter future, I feel compelled to write any words that excite me in the spontaneous moments in life! So this is my work; hope you enjoy my musings.
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