Fighting around the demons

could of should have been

swords face, flashes glinting

under sunshine, the dance begins

slow torture slings crafting nether

together, weather or not the weather

will betwixt us like a feather

to flow down with grace

under nil human’s race

fabric wool

complexities whole

Simple folds


uprising nature

compromising volcanic eruptions

tectonic plate shift reduction

music ears listen well

Hell will come and swell

for misery death knocks thousands

of years to lock away with a single key

I have Mastered the Art

of Telepathy

Telekinesis to the progenitor

can’t you say

held with fear

Is were at bay my family stakes

away from my life, away from the fakes

towards a calling…

Falling down, down, centered circumference

light ways deduction

seductions life so seriously swollen

yet familiar ghosts haunt frozen

like a gentle breeze

along the feet

such ample to the dendrites roots reach

war will come

for the Seven Years the time will end

and beginning will start again

for familiar times residual gains

from natures name on all frames

I am walking away from reason

into intuition’s corruption

Power illustration

no-beings form through the netherworld

yet a lot of things cultivable

many forsaken tests

many broken feathers

trampled by years of uncertainty

yet many followers

many guises

many plots shown

no negligence to beings Home

Each temple a store

each store a library4

each library a book

In a record

So many intellectuality

random gibberish finality

reality’s Reality

sheeple to Wizards

Wizards to gods

gods to demi-gods

demi-gods to God

God is a place to live in the Heart

always showing us love

every art

Every painted pigment

every painted show

every lightning blast

seeds a sown

drums of war come through like ancient Pharaohs

knights ready at force ot kill the breeze

steady trampling beats of Four Horsemen

Coming from Zion’s heart

O yes, Death walks today

for I am lurking at bay

scorn! Power! Fire! Magma

all corruption destroyed clean

Purity to all compassionate beings

the long Road of beginning whispers

faint heart over the finisher

time has come

time has chosen

I am not the one

for I am frozen

Like a hot cold breeze

yet I am no sleaze

forwarding the time now

temples burn

divorces of people

laws enforced

corruption of churches

people willing death

death willing into people

famine and misery

destruction given by me!
What do you think am I?
Never am perishable demise

satiation closing over the nine

who wish and will the design

I see the twenty four kings around me

Each throne a name

each name given

my place is arisen

from the scorn of flame

I an entity flowing gains

what I show not, I am a pain

but I am also pleasure

Together I am One all things

For both reside in the slings

to bad you can’t see that

for perversion wind back

taking a hint

taking a tackle

taking a familiar break

the time is like a crossbow

extend and ride

blow through fields

misery confide

prairies reach

unto the hills

hidden in holes

are the planets gills

to the center!

TO the gates!

I see the place of diamond radiate!

What a wonder

All this in one sight

given to me tonight

Lost but never found

found but lost and ever

what I say

is never particular to whenever

All times flow in these verses

but conversing between this that

is like pulling magic from a hat

if the flow comes

I will the powa

but if I shower

Into a million daffodil hours

when the light plays rainbow tricks

and golden charms are flutes and sticks

but golden rays and light hopeful days

will always show the flowers praise

for if a simple thing can always grow

can’t a single seed begin to show?

That all life is a simple guess

at whose rhythm is going best

but what I know in this fact estranged

is liberty has taken to my name

for when I see the drapes falling

and the death of time calling

and many moons crescent over white light

and light white sun rays at the night

when we see the astral King

Heart liken albeit sing!

For the Lord is Buddha, compassionate Being

But for my Word, I will not mistake

for many years I have searched

Searched for El

For how the hell

could malevolent push aside

now you must come face my side

for I am your son

A given one

but your loss of me is condition one

it seems to beam that this way I relate

comes through all rhythm and Ether’s taste

like vines aplenty along the roses brush

I can see the familiar light a touch

like all gods, when walking Earth

we must show the sample to the birth

for when the birth comes and death walks

it is like o no, we all will stop

so stop and crop and fail and sail

for in this life we will prevail

to take high seas

to take high lands

to lead us to further sands

so if you sail clear

sail through the light

sail deep dark into the sight

I will way willing with what

comes to me in my trance of such

suchness comes and oneness is

but isness is Is contrive

but when “this I” macros the whole

then the whole is never part and is not full

of himself but only the sugar

that gives him a divine figure

dance hola dance hola

dance like merry weather over balling

dance like the rains drip the floor

dance like your feet are always bored

this is my ode

I am coming to the end

the light will spend

I am going to find this hurt

dispel all distrust from the Earth

For this Earth is my Inheritance

For I have walked with Meta-tron

I have sung the song

I have brought you along

now its many years and many times again

so many remembrances of this man

but I am gone

I am not here

I am right there

but o crap nowhere

Nowhere to go, but everywhere to be

nothing in life but eternity

yet infinity chooses who will wheel

will woolen woven fabric

to those elastic

brace for impact

dead hooves conquer midnight terrors

abominations of lizards and crows

picking flesh from rotten sows

life flashing to quick

for an invisible ring trick

I will hunt

I will haunt

I will future stunt

but each place I find

each version of nine

comes through the Magicians line

I am a Fidel from before

I open magics own door

I come like a vast ambient cold

but when I rush I come untold

light to justice and death to coldness

for wetness is like a dress

that comes undone when you are sleek

and provides weary and meek

but raven’s cry and nevermore reach

into the heart’s mastery breach

what I know is some lines of verse

are like an entity that comes rehearsed

but what I know at other times

I sprout madness like a spring

like a spring going down

to the ground underneath

rushing full vibrant and stealth like

for when warriors walk humble

the world will stumble

like a worry worse womble

what I say is like this is slack

for when I know infarct

like that date I con you

now I AM thinking

this is the flue

when you have a projection before

awareness door

u sight to see is opening gore

so when I end to the store

of the floor that grounds the heat

is like where feelings come to meet

no meeting, no feeling, how great

now be more then a liver steak.

About up2quark

I rest with silence and awareness; believing in hope for a brighter future, I feel compelled to write any words that excite me in the spontaneous moments in life! So this is my work; hope you enjoy my musings.
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