Song and Dance

Many whispering ferns grow

around the daffodils

small amounts of love

flying out like doves

from the river vice

O yes, my kine thy suffusion

from torment, torture, buffoons

many minds to make

while we know what takes

us away, far away…

To distant lands

where fauns and nymphs

Satirical flows

meet and preside

in essence retrograde

I walk silently, magically feet

burning sensations as I meet

many rooms upon Earth

many mansions given Birth

many forsworn elements

living inside fabrics’ net

weaving and willing

casting and graphing

mysterious form


so as I sit

Who am I?

Emotional less contrived.

Mind switching points

resembling the vibe

vibration’s labyrinth color

so what say you

what say I

commit, reverse, split inside

confide the fin, essence wins

yet personality masks live

to another day, another year

another phantom does go near

so as I talk, I move to you

yet each frame is a closure clue

that as I leave this plane and thought

the will of images have now caught

circle formations in the tree’s

bee’s upon the honey distilling

but light from the earth going outlasting like radiation it see’s the mouth

of the Suns, the heavens, the military guessing

but as we know the Bear is messing

with us this time as we roll online

to many versions of the crime

so what I say is with this track

light comes and sues infact

then switches and wins

death to the kin

but as I know

the brotherhood wins

yet down with the right

down with the left

can’t you see this moment is given blest

so what I say is that I wish

to be myself and become a gift

I know that with the light of harrowing things

it brings me to the roots of slings

yet many pondering states have left me as late

to trance to dance to move agate

so as I know this lesson and time

is what I keep rolling outshines

but this prose I give is eye shut now so we go deeper into the how

roots of layers and common onions

given salt like Paul bunion

to have an ox, at his side

the strength of a mountain

on the inside

so what I say is like a fact of time

is that each moves to a realm divine

but each person knows the law

that thye can’t cross or they will flaw

the system out sas they wish it would

but all I can see is from the wood

that times move in times move outlasting and without a doubt the version Souths

now it switched I am gone

you are me and I am Merlin

this essence is like a Blanca state

were I am giving over to shimmering yes I

come before you ass we die

the forms of past are searched with now

and many things come under how

but as I formed you from clay

the Dracula of dinosaurs was over way

but I wish to know that this time in sprit

was coming from the land coherent

I could walk


sense afar

move the earth and muse the stars

but I felt as though this swine upheld

was likely to the maintain hell

so I found the river

I fell it just right

I came over the million other sides

but I knew the madness

I knew the pigs

I know the cops

I know the twigs

but as I came outlasting I was refreshed from swine

under the current we will never win

stand strong lie my tower of truth

as each thing is about the noose

now what I say

is this old way

is that the light of masters can only stay

so as I move to this song of time

I move to many things that don’t even shine

so as I guess at what will come

as we move our feet to the Sunday

circle in circle outlasting shout and shout around the doubt

be at peace

never lie

keep moving

from the inside

as we come to this place of steady hands

I can tell you that this song is planned

it is like an old tale that lifts me outlasting and comes to me a promote sthe south

so what I hope to know in this

is that the lift I only ingrist

so was I was and am am I

what an opening OT my own lies

but this many things I can type so fast

doesn’t register so the mind goes outlasting can type faster then I think

so thinking then thus is a broken link

but what I show is the images that come

are faster then light as one

but what I know that this time includes

no voice only thought outgrew

the energy is nil

the energy is ni

the force of prana satisfies alive

so when I come to this holy temple

I never leave without myself

I bring all that is into these things I think

but missing bridges emerald sinks

but what I know is the chains I hold

comes common to the land and cold

so many times

ending now

move and peace

break and bow

About up2quark

I rest with silence and awareness; believing in hope for a brighter future, I feel compelled to write any words that excite me in the spontaneous moments in life! So this is my work; hope you enjoy my musings.
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