So tiring many years

ever clear, far near here

present within

communion with fin

center’s will expand

concurrent lands

throughout eternity shine

deep will’s Rule the Line

Under will, albeit shores

love, a hope, settling scores

time in misery

coming back to you

Iktomi heresy clue

deep down depths

current’s still breath

like companion’s breech

fall’s dead leaf

spiraling down

towards gravity’s sound

let earth, heaven, hell



yes, power force sweet

juice nectar’s pouring wheat

that wiseacre’s complain

like sand time’s sand

flowing down the hourglass

into oblivion!

Beyond yonder I can sense

what a far throne tense
Among the council, now stand I

“Who is this eternal lies”
“Men are ye gods, walking dies”

“Light is All, why hold tall?”

The question’s, debriefed and satisfied

were like my Being, unrelenting scene

but aye, what die the first?

Multiple time’s in Mother’s Birth

I walk among the land

from womb to womb; debt bone’s grand

yet as I see the fossils

growing into oil for fire

the time has come, throne, desire!

A lair, kill him now in Me

Can’t you see, this hedonistic fraternity

is like a growing green grass of grapes

noire ne pas

satisfy the law

Bring hope to the prophet’s line

so wills of future hopes deicing

setting pace to the closing door

I dance with the Sword

Through, stab, unrealistic temperature

like dancing metal apertures

around me, in the mirror I stand

confusion, confinement, of this land

sand, sand, sand

dust dust ; dust

why why why

Trust, must rains

like flowing water from our brains

to down the river

up the tubes

around the circumference

back to the sea we re-use

then cloud above

enter the drip again

slow we emerge into all rivers

from sand

light fire’s to ashes

but many swords are taken

trancing is no sin from Satan

All is free, yet don’t play dead

For the living is what we are;

in this bread…

But Wine can’t be

to much disaster degree

only can I

Sample what ni

is to us

but far from you

like mansion’s roaming fields through

what I sense is the time’s of war

are coming, lets switch the floor

I see 4 links of tubular insertion

running through the ground in various directions

the nukes can come below

as above shall show

and the lava of disaster will continually grow

the steady stream will pollute the river

the sea will now finish from the giver

the rain’s will acid

the town’s will crash

the plane’s shall be watched

and the land shall cost

all of it to live

as the Rich get ready to perish and let us

be wiped up by some Rapture

Typical Atom Bomb’s Disaster

Nuke’s are vaporization

enough to kill

all of our own life

so what you see, I am gonna laugh online

when the disaster comes’ from locust and Zion

The Pegasus I hold will not define

And the Logos am I

That is my design

I seer into all things

bring many slings

to the roots of things

but what I know

some rock two home

light justice to the throne

through the power

under the zeal

under the fabric

under the wheel

things are different

norms misplaced

justice on stakes

and judgment dates

scales with feathers

to much to weigh

  1. you are always heavier

so add more to live

so what you see

in this fast descent

is my heart is out of lent

but I love my queen

she is my trust

as a King Wizard prophet must

bring peace yet many things are firing

into the dendrites of our desiring

but what I feel in my neck

is the illusion suspects

that we from time

will hold the front line

but that is not tire

I am single with no clue

but this is the place I love to be

in a mindset so free

above beyond the solar matter

time is a dimensional ladder

Like Jacob saw on the Rock

that leading up to the top

is the epoch

of the end

then begin again

so it is like always always this plan

but if you take

your heart’s mistake

find the fake

of what you are

then destroy the bad bars

then open up

left love shore

let Albion’s course shore

magic fields and faeries bright

multitudes of spheres on sight

but what I catch is the little white orbs

are dancing to a feverish chorus

I am mad

but my lines don’t show it

but I’m a poet

and delusional they say it

so what do you state to them

I will mistake the killing fun

I will take a road of no judgment

and finial all with atonement

now it is the end

the beginning again, go back to the top

for this man is God’s plan

About up2quark

I rest with silence and awareness; believing in hope for a brighter future, I feel compelled to write any words that excite me in the spontaneous moments in life! So this is my work; hope you enjoy my musings.
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