Apollo Transmission

Sunday, May 17/ 2015 @ 21:52

Apollo Channeling – Transmission

Hello this is Apollo

Light is the perfection of projection and sensation

radiation particles, interrogation, of time expressed in the now

many forms, different norms, eventually creating storms

Ionize charges, equilibrium barrages, against all odds

even moments, of hearts atonement, dropping below, heaven above; sends earthly love

sublime frames, of crimes train, of atoms rain

Always grounded, stars sky bounded, profound via earthly bound;-

middle point, expressing all strings, from linear happenings, against hardships pull

dark souls are holes

yet shifting light

into light

potentials might

of a new age blight

many phrases, codex wages

performance pages, mirrored all stages

I will now enter in how

entrance of singular serpents; winged mirror

of crafting hooks

and many nooks

overarching time

blood hate Rhine

Wizards battle

staff’s will crackle

midnight rascals

stages are theatrical

I will now enter into linear sayings…

Each soul is like a lake

it runs its current from the beginning Source, the beginning soul,

the beginning lake

and allows one to always be full but draining away to the open seas


there are many hooks, Chinooks, there are many loops, and there are many road blocks, and there are many damns

but each man will not take the journey

for the boat that is sailing west is never in the rights of colonial conquest

for many things have passed beyond

and imagination is weaker than the bond

Truth and Reality

is subject to locality

the only difference is the awareness of the geographical location

each advancement to every particular unit is always measured in frames of light Disordered

for light disorder is light information and light energy

for as everything is energy so such the knowledge from books is also energy

this allows us to see that the mania of emotions is more like a past life reflection

or a deja vu interference

and now I end as a sun

in souls everyone

Apollos son.

Tuesday, May 19/ 2015 @ 12:35

The Tenth Muse

Wheels roll as time spins webs

dreading every moment that has wed

the illusion, the play, radiating today

like flowing waters, still underneath

so many forces, corrupt by the beast

Like dancing waves and stillness voids

many choirs of musics chores

singing like loves heart beat

The heart from the beginning of time was a simple coal

that turned diamond into mind’s dust

Yet many hearts battled and lost; to know thyself

at all costs

This reverie of eons

mastery waves a Bow

to those who are strong

bonded in the now

somehow around the cloud

grounding beats in the sound

Aphrodite loves the pastures

as a gentle breeze

flows along in a midnight ease

but as Aphrodite

has a crush almighty

with younger gods in earlier times

Zeus now spoke

lighting bolts

flash along

the electric song

So aye! my muse

as we use

the daffodils array

of spender happy gay

Lightness upon the changing realm

core of Apollo cistern of wells

yet many walls in homes of the heart

yet how can I see the divine art

when locked away in Hades’s plague

of pulling me down into deaths river Styx

Ghosts, fades, Cerberus, come attacking

furious strokes, deep combating

like great moments

attuned to fight

far down in this river

I am light

So come with me

dance the tune

melodies of death

for all you know

life is breath


About up2quark

I rest with silence and awareness; believing in hope for a brighter future, I feel compelled to write any words that excite me in the spontaneous moments in life! So this is my work; hope you enjoy my musings.
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