Buddha Transmission

Sunday, May 17/2015 @ 19:30

Channeling of Buddha – Transcription

Hello this is Buddha

In the belly of things

We’re just forming the bond

what appears is a double edged sword of knowledge

one side is ignorance, the other is self

yet self causes ignorance

and due to ignorance one realizes self

[(hands in mudra) One hand open extended towards belly and other hand open extended outward ]

by allowing freedom any choice is necessarily not a choice

for there are particulars in each thing

and as each thing is an essence in itself

its experience thus as being

the being is the recognized self

and as self is harnessed in the power of I one may see that this is the cause and effect of that

[hands shaky, vibrating, tremble]

(still in mudra position)

as being always moves but is always still thus everything is one whole

all relations to both subjective and objective fields arise as awareness

awareness is recognizing self and thus experience being

this allows one to extend the boundary of self towards a more pure being

purity is always but is absolutely corrupted

as we are an image of God thus self in that aspect is love

by freeing ourselves from the chains of reason, understanding, and logic we move into a more compassionate and gentle journey

these journeys2 through each persona experience dissolute all archetypes into hyphenation, the one hyphenation

one simply means at content-ness with what is

what is not is not necessarily good but not always necessarily wrong

each movement, every motion, every synchronized atom flows through existence as infinite potential

this allows us to realize that experience is thus kinetic in form

this states that as motion and potential we can create action through form of kinetic energy

we are just a form of this body of energy

and as time progresses the energy shift states into lower or higher associations to the self


Monday, May 18/ 2015 @ 1:26

Buddha –

To harness the location within the presence of being, one must simply close their eyes any follow the breath.

Ignorance stems from the root of knowledge

for what goes up must also be going down at the same time

this is known as upward descent

The heart within its diamond awareness can wash over the pollution of the mind

this acid rain com-busts the souls desire into a flame that withers away

for each soul is but a memory of a time within before the projection of without

within the womb; softness, hardness, particular governing bodies rearranging to form

this revelation of time within can be arbitrarily addressed without

what I mean is the heaven inside in its glorious prize, cannot fathom the abyss of hell

for within hell all sentient beings turn black

this color within the spectrum of radiation fulcrums balance

to the negative, wait, by dropping all conceivable notions of good and bad, darkness and light, one simply sees what is

what is

is infinite moments captured in one frame

This frame, a solid flux

the liquid universe forms waves, bonds, and atoms to the singular self

the singularity self is in essence a gravity that connects people

To pull yourself within gravity must be pulled back

to see projections without gravity must be expressed outwards

both these motions in equilibrium create the emergence to become and the contraction to surrender

to surrender dissolute all concepts of mind into no mind

no mind is in essence no thought and as non action leads to action, one must recognize that action leads to non action

With seeing this we understand

action in thought results in non action of being

while action of being results in non action of thought

this allows us to see that thought is inherently corrupt

for what is, is corrupted absolutely

but what becomes is beauty corrected

as we can see this become, we can also see it wither away

and as the beginning exists as the end, and the end exists as a beginning

it is thus only logical and intuitively correct to seek order

Order is absolute clarity

In this state there is no mind, there is perfect balance, there is orchestrated harmony and peace between all unions

Order is the highest law within and without of all existence

by existing in order, we fundamentally see that as a perfect state it exists as nothing

and as it is nothing, so such it is all

and this all-ness brings us back to the self-realization of being


About up2quark

I rest with silence and awareness; believing in hope for a brighter future, I feel compelled to write any words that excite me in the spontaneous moments in life! So this is my work; hope you enjoy my musings.
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