Lost in the sea of oblivion

I search the wound, like a soldier

but many marching moments shoot

me to the arrow the bends the bow

hitting the target, aye, I can

but pulling back and strength of when?

So as I cite this ode

let me tell you what is cold-reading

the crust around the mantel’s shell

were hardened hearts hope to dwell

its like a literal effacement of time-being

but many things come to the scene

I can dance, I can reflect, you are me

so what I just said, incorporates free

its one step rhythm to the grace

were lunar faces promote the race

a time movement of lunar cycles

is how man’s left brain goes right

so we can hope the recycle

what is normal that lights the blight

when I came to this land

many tales, upon that I stood

but aye, weary my desolate attitude

stripped me bare of flesh

and robbed me of my dress

folded and throwout was I

as to hell did I die

its like a place of horrible dwelling

and foretelling that I am mending

so contain what I am selling

its like what IS ay does what I don’t do

so keep the attitude form embracing old self new

its like rhythm of times open fire

like warrior planes and chemical tires

its pain of rubber and Dearly hopes

gives ray to those in dope

of light, aye right, anger compassion vice

is what keeps some from the right

so when I ode to simple lines that hope

that you will steady elope

into a rope that moves time in a featured passionate like making each own moments lasting-longs what I know is coming to this

that the hunger of life will always persist

its like prey on premonition’s haunted dusk hours

were lightly soul feed preying powers

so what the Eagle does while u hope

is just fin the place were you gloat

so be a Truth bird of flight

for then you do what is right

what is right is order

and what is wrong is disorder edits like and unlike

to many beats in this song

like a strong attitude of the rude

in the crude fluid battle continuations flue

what I write is simple to many

but I am young and only reliable on so many

words to me plethora free

so light the realm of what and dead seas

its like the golden ocean of silver tides

comes to me at all sides

so hope for more

sellout for nothingness come to me for a particular something

for lost in realms beyond the fold

is knowledge of the blight I hold


About up2quark

I rest with silence and awareness; believing in hope for a brighter future, I feel compelled to write any words that excite me in the spontaneous moments in life! So this is my work; hope you enjoy my musings.
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