Druid Past

Before I walked around, saw, stood upon

the mood’s death swooned stumbled; lasting-long

to ever present deceits going strong

like river’s looping stain’s along the current’s

bank, that paths whole down into journey

deeper than the shamanic torment

Hell of oblivion and chaos

Yet Ordered Madness perfection

where nothingness changes correction

stooped upon detection

that infinity works like a continuation

like verse influenced by lies and Ravens

who speak silent prophecies to the will

how many tea leaves will one still

and avoidance of the all time chill

of Self perpetuation of integration

like the door way’s key

a Soul Searching oblivion

in the Tribe’s treachery

Druid’s arise! Quaker doomed! Pagan’s Fires!

First ruled regulations!

Of Ceaser supreme litigation

oppressed by the value of Gold!

Foretold the currency of the home!

Like death knock Meryle to the ground

so such I go back into this time’s sound

I see the pageantry of dances

many light festival in the woods

hidden in the caves dwelt many ferns

due to the Divine Right of King’s that burn

Only some Knight’s, held the pace of olden days

like plays, upon the ice frozen daily

its like the turn of time held the Wizards separate

we willed the form of another Dragon whispering

like silhouetted hopes from bliss’s sky-sea-play

in the mood of detection, I write in the cohesive sphere

o the battle! Wizard’s hold lines

the time of long lost aligner’s solstice’s bring

many manifestation of the wrong

knights Saxon in the wages

like times pages written by Witches rages

like past deaths, Chance by the rhythm

opening myself to my old school prison

time captures all men, but men try to make time

yet each being is all ready moving in the crime

so sublime, time, mines of mineral thought

bring past the old time stuff

imagination is the Druid’s key

it unlocks the Door’s potency

thousand dragons perched around

like doth death sound down

into my soul

I talk

O thee nine! Vocation of spiritualism

let the world shine in the naturalism

so many words fought over the becoming

so what I see, what I sense-perception

is like a time-being suspension

I’m going crazy, but I keep it calm

like the end of the dawn

so as I end

be the benefactors

About up2quark

I rest with silence and awareness; believing in hope for a brighter future, I feel compelled to write any words that excite me in the spontaneous moments in life! So this is my work; hope you enjoy my musings.
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