Law of the Seven Rays

Law of Seven Ray (expanded)

  1. Microbe (Atom/Disorder) (That which is)
  2. Earth (Direct Perception) (What we see)
  3. Earth-Sun-Moon (Solar System in Relative to Earth (direct perception))(What we sense)
  4. Stars – Relative to Solar System(Heliocentric Arch-Types/Persona)
  5. All Worlds (Love)
  6. Absolute (Oneness)
  7. Luck/Fortitude (Heaven)

-All Beyond 7 is Relative to Heaven and beyond Earth’s capacity of Understanding. Yet still 8/9 functions as a power.

  1. Infinity (All that is)
  2. Complete (Everything and Nothing)

States of consciousness within the Seven Planes.

Spiritual essence / Sound or Word/ The object

8/9 are omitted due to higher frames of Reality.

  1. Physical Plane …Bhu (The Earth World)….The Earth World, Physical Consciousness
          1. Base of the Spine…Eliminative Organs, kidneys, bladder

– Spirit, the soul, body

a) minuteness

  1. Astral Plane …Antarisksa (The Intermediate Space.)…Emotion World….Desire Consciousness

6. Sacral ….generative organs

  • Pneuma, the psyche, Form

b) magnitude

  1. Mental Plane …Mahendra (Home of the Egos (Agnishvattas)….Realm of the Mind and Soul…Consciousness (mind)

5. Spleen…..spleen

-the Father Shiva, The son Vishnu, The Holy Spirit Brahman

c) Gravity

  1. Buddhic Plane ….Mahar Prajapatya.(The Great World)..Intuitive Knowledge…Eclectic

4. Solar Plexus…………Stomach

  • the monad. The one; the cosmic Christ, the vheicle of life and incarnation

d) lightness

  1. Atmic Plane …..Jana (The Lowest of the Brahma World)…..Spirit (world of the 3rd plane)…Solar consciousness (love)

3. Heart ….pericardium, ventricles, auricles with spleen affected

  • the eternal will or Purpose, eternal love-wisdom, eternal activity and intelligence

e) attainment of objective

  1. Monadic Plane….Tapas (The world of the self-luminous-gods)….Devachan, Deva consciousness…World of Astral

2. Throat……….larynx, vocal cords and palate, thyroid gland

  • One great Breathe, The AUM, The Worlds

f) irresistible will

7.Logoic Plane….Tatya (The World of those Gods who are unmanifest)…World of the Cause

(God)….Absolute…World of Consciousness

1. Head Centre ….Brain, pineal gland and pituitary body

– Life, Consciousness aspect, activity aspect

g) creative power

Power of 8 / 9 .

8..Infinity (All that is)

  • Synthesizing Energy (manifestation), attractive forces (gravity connections (maramarushi effect)), Matter to be willed into form through energy manifestation

h) the power to command

9.Complete (All that is beyond yonder be)

  • First Aspect, Second Aspect, Third Aspect: Encompassing all that is.
  1. acted upon will in levels

Aspects of Training an initiation.

  1. Training
  2. giving
  3. awakening
  4. arousing
  5. producing
  • ego or soul on its own plane
  • the brain via the mind
  • the centers (charkya)


7. Powers of the Soul

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