One two there four

open the door

above the ground

beneath relief

something like a breath

of a thief

yeah I’m in this land as a changer

wandering through dimensional rangers

like the change on the loose

coming undone, writing automatically fun

what can I say, some animals up in this system

up in fin, down will win, yet pain torture cisterns

of wells beneath, some things require planning

so norms can storm the coupe of the demanding

wall street, moving like a unstoppable force

Yet some Jedi walk the hoods like the Norse

When we get Tribal, we get liable to the Bible

for in this century things will unravel

moved by a propriety button key

can’ you see, that is a one way ticket out

back and forth, intention wise

can’t you see this wiseacre is sublime

moving to the rhythm, pressure and time-being

moving in and out to the scene

yet some schemes are up in this serene

what what, in the halls of dread what

who then what led to why

yet combining many problems

we counter-clockwise go with it

so meet at attuned moments of it

yeah, lets go to a diff strum

making to the rhythm inside everyone

tides and beaches along the coast of my soul

yet everything in One Whole

due to the swell underneath

can’t you see underwill sum’s the road

but each path is only one way

for what happens, happens today

never a day left, never a day right

Each path leading to the frost

so many differences, yet all the same

once you get rid of race and identity

no names, just a insane game

who is who, what a what

in this rhythm there is a gawd ruff ruff

but yo yo yo, back oy

i’m back with this song strong

moving to the beats that strong song

moves into a linear non-duality facet

I write an open beat to this song

with ever clear moments prolonging;

a temptation of the bong

to many times I’ve been robbed

by myself, my own thief of wealth

but back I can’t do anything past

like slow moments holding last

by the way, I step to the flow

like the way I glow

can’t get none, for I rock one

but this rep done, I can’t repeat no-one

I start a rhythm and go insane the mind-stuff

switching it up to the chamber of love-wisdom

so as you see this ruff ruff doesn’t miss pace

for dumb is some verses of the others

but my face has traced the next best thing

and she is around behind my sting

yet can’t get played out, but without a doubt

I can’t promote the past, only stay in the hood

so as I talk in this relationship of unreadability

I show you some random things

nothing, no-things. Things no. Yet Yes apparent so

this thing is like a past reference

that two page promotes the poem’s war

now what is war

war is something far and near

it is a one button switch

one mind detach

one shot from the hate

into love’s gate

why this branch
I will work past the elemental branch

for Natural are the ways of the better

can’t keep up to the unit


About up2quark

I rest with silence and awareness; believing in hope for a brighter future, I feel compelled to write any words that excite me in the spontaneous moments in life! So this is my work; hope you enjoy my musings.
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