Titans Trip

I come to thee unrelinquished from the scorn
From the depths of the master’s torn
I feel the excitement of music in my tune
As I fly as fast as a moment to soon
We all can come and change
Yet all this seems so strange
We know for fact that we are a universe
Yet who is to say what is in the verse
We fly to the depths of the power of inside
Which we know is a little bit of demise
Confided to say we know were we come
This sanctity of motion relates the primal nexus
In which we know comes for the solar plexus
This beat I am coming to stresses a single note
That plays on plays relinquish the simple boat
That floats on down to the sea
Were all is found in search of me
I know this preaching prize sets the nine
In what we know to be in time
The council of nine so such sits
That a patron could benefit it
We know for fact that this change of time
Comes from what is sublime
The darkened sky ushers in the stars of night
In that which the salvage of meteors fly in height
Yet we know what we do to adorn this many chances
From the branches of many circumstances
Yet we know that these songs of time now
Are but a hurried time to move through the how
I wish I could enjoy the simple moments but I don’t
I cant find the solitude in what I know I don’t
No more lies I say, live at peace with everyone
I can’t foretell the dell in this computed sum
There are so many tables of food that reproduce
The vision of what I see in the tree
Comes to me from the controversy
When I struggle I enter into hymn
And it is what moments give my current to live
This spell I am so such entails a lyrical verse
That matters to me in the course
I am coming home through the eternal sub structure

I know for fact that these trials only surmount
To everything my mind entails in doubt
Nothing can ever touch my all-pervading mind
I move to the universal mind that is in kind
Yet all these others who sing clear to me
Know that infact it’s my own heresy
So as I come to depths unknown
I keep writing my words in stone
Maybe one day perhaps ill settle the score
From the fact that I have no adorned
Face the music, so such I must
To give myself away from this harboring touch

O yes, I know who you are my dear
You come from the fairest lands beyond
Your tantal of energy comes inside my frame
And pictures the relinquished notion of your name
Its simple to see through who you are
I have used my logic and power a’far
For torned, scorned, and abjorned was I
I know the lies and the many faces of mine
Yet for this time, my dearest young
Can’t you see you are living strong
From the power inside I write to all
To witness yourself in my words fall
As each word prevails down through my tail
I know each dragon stance will prevail
I am the ancient coming to you
Writing in past and future goals
With the power of releasing of toils
Yet I know for once I know for fact
That only I can help the pact
So my wolf esteems the estranged dove
Who I conquer in all my love
Yet once perhaps, a long reason why
Is why I came to death at my own surprise
It is in this tale of rampart sorts
Yet all is a lotted in the quarks
So as I come to you singing free my son, my dear
I know that the presence you feel close is no fear
O yes, coming close I feel your soul
It is coming to completion of the full
Yet at once, the flash! O yes, the emergence
It comes to us through metempsychosis
What can we say to those who don’t believe
Suffer they will, for they know not
Ignobles we will say, yet I believe my own plot
You must, in these harsh times, harness your ability
To forsee the foundation of the liberty
So perhaps, I will sing to you now in trance
Let the tragic flow flawly dance
Chance has it that I move to the rhythm
And I capture all in my prism
Orbs around us my son, always the bubbles
It turns to a dimension that settles from trouble
And releases many untold secrets
That we hold in the deep crypt
Yet many sages, long lost men
Have come to play in their words den
For I know that magic can explain all
As disorder moves to order for a call
Yet fate demanded that many should come
And only a few will harness the power
The fourth sight to see beyond the astral frame
Is what is capturing me in my plane
So once perhaps the rhythm will settle
And we know that the music will meddle
But yet I know for fact that this transient thought transpires
Into what I know is my own conspiring fire
This Yoga inside only knows that Igni burns
From the turns of what we know is curled
The plastic way is but what we know for sure
Because of the wrap of splices burn
I wish to sing you a simple song my friend
Deep lost in time was the dragons
They flew from the ages of Ishmir in the dragon hold
They know that many came to hear their words
Yet death came close when evil transpured
So as death came knocking, the energized forms left
Cleft to many who were in the depths
The simple ate from mushrooms in the mud
And that is what led them to the caves
When in the caves they were all but saved
From the light of rain and harmful UVs
Yet many days passed and the mushroom took its course
The all felt the course field force
They began to transpire many pictures and drawings
Relating the simple mind in their calling
So simple, so composed, yet tranquiled
Is what willed those who held still
So many moons past and the picture grew
Until they formed notions upon the dew
They foraged greater and collapsed into groups
These men of original thought came through loops
To capture the moment of how they came together
Yet now they know what is tethered
They began simple, wood for fire after many teachings
Yet it was always one master who did the preaching
The sounds composed many notes that clued in the ropes
And thus the fell from the magic of the hope
Composing such a simple song for you my friends
Is were I wish to be at
I feel my mind so sublte in these thoughts
The cipher and rhyme has changed
Yet I keep it to a steady frame
Long long ago when the apes first grew
Our stance was shaped by the plants
The mistress who was the sage
That fell into many sands of the ages
I knew for a fact that the many come in pages
The cages of these men were but built by power
That in the hour the notion of a universal giant should shower
All that happens in this time was the beginning
Many portals to different locations on the globe
Some societies more advanced then others on the cloud
Yet they all fell from the deaths of the sky
Many advances came to us from above
Time to hear about the hero’s of love
Many came to earth to help satisfy the earlier days
Many groups of conquest and tyranny to offer the land ways
Yet Pleadians and Orions battled for control of the land
Yet Sirians came for the advance of those in command
Many races such as the Annunariki come from the gland
All placing their power for a free will land
O yes, the fires from the sky!
Ezekiel was taken this way inside of death
A fresh breath for many underneath
Ascension comes in many ways my son
From the beginning of this verse of my own power
To the hour of the universes dower
As I feel this emotion coming through
Many of these essences leave their clues

Now I attach to a higher realm
Were the thoughts of many swelm
What is the thought of every age
It is within our own to become a sage
That lives in peace and harmony above
So many thoughts of love and the glove
That picks his hand in each of our pockets
To further advance us through each hard-lock
Times of the many and the one, coming sun
Were Apollo swims with me so free

Apollo muses now to his early days
The thoughts no more come to the way
I feel the power of the anger fueling myself
It is a simple way of coming to wealth
So such a way to harbor the touch
Yet who knows that those around me clutch
Me to a perpendicular static relationship
All these promises create the shame of companionship
Yet Apollo is the light who heals all
This negative congruency of power is what he feels
In the time of his youth

Enough on Apollo through, my seat is in the hat
In which we all are madder then shown by that
So what came in the early days
Again we will speak upon this riddle
The way we felt compelled to say the fiddle
Is a note that comes through the life upon this place
For our face is but the light unto our grace
If it shines fiat lux then we know bright
That the time is conquering the blight
Yet each ape knew that once they learned
From a dimensional transition occurred
That helped form the signs of many shapes
And correctional was all in fates
So what we see is but our time
In which the essence diminishes the crime
Disgrace we say, upon each ape that grew
Because it led order through
Yet the planet came anew
By each practice of the few

Yet those selected few, became one with the harvest
That on each period the few would convert
The thousands who were left framed Armageddon
And many were led to the lessons
So at peace came those who could travel
Beyond the realm in particular marvels
So as I say, lets advance to the highest stage
In which all we come to is personalities rage
A page that each is written upon in the book
Of life that covers all our nooks
Yet each page is a reflection of light
That we must see each day on the blight
So come hither and tither and divine
Many come as one and we want to climb
The luck of a few comes through a faded line
In which all is harvested at a particular date
When? We have no clue
But through and though it leaves everything blue
So what we know of the time progresses
Then repeats, stops and regresses
So as I end this song in peace
Live to your fullest realm of hope


About up2quark

I rest with silence and awareness; believing in hope for a brighter future, I feel compelled to write any words that excite me in the spontaneous moments in life! So this is my work; hope you enjoy my musings.
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