Running like a wisp through the forest fern

familiar lightning shows and various turns!

Roads that traverse the transmigration…

split, congruence, merging translation!

Is were to be is within the Reality

of subjective night and controversy!

Old days I speak of

like a boat sunken in the depths

Of Atlantis’s breathe!

I can visual see the field!

The walls, the architecture! The potential

Harvested Yield!

It is it’s own way

But as they death of the siddhi’s!

Eldorado had to pave its city!

But light shone on…

Darkness crept like a steady mirage over the land

creeping from the ruins of desolation and corruption

seduction to lust, greed, avarice and power!

All led from hatred to darker hours

but death, Samhain, rebirth to the skies!

Lives in the blue, always wishing alive!

The stars above, so below in the Styx

is where Cerberus holds the river Fixed!

Death underneath, but sight so above

but what is shown is under the glove

A single Eye, showing prophetic light!

Many days and Era’s of fright!

Combatting demi-gods

Titian’s favoring the rod

like moving into the sands of time…

The time of sand was a wind passing through

like an momentum blast of o shit, too soon

but you can’t go back

if you are light or black

there is no choice, your choice is a matter fact

fact of matter is the point in this

that you only know your own gifts

Stars above! Light shining darkness in the times

of chaos and oblivion, Tempest held crimes

like the roots of the past

found in Atlantis at last!

I have searched, I have felt, I have seen

but the I is not, in this apparent scene

for the beam of light always goes into the flow

and keep on pumping the drow

the dice of time are rolling the gates

for in our linear passing, it is almost too late

for the Celtic way, the state of goodness

that led the way from Ireland’s astuteness

in the past, we Druids, fought the combat of War

In the Summerlands we held tight! !Formation star!

In the steel, calm waters run still

for our living magic, was set to kill

Insane madness of corrupted men

For us Titans, the Druids, gave way to the pen

In the roots of Nature we hid in silence

promising the great, a prophetic station!

This is the way, of all nations.

For in the way, the silent notes played

the music was heard

and it tuned us away

we used sonic sound formations

to blast through to continuous stations

we fed the live, we kept the hive

but most of all, we hide alive

our circle box staff wills the Oak

but promising where never made of Revelstoke

But aye, the Rhine of the battling scars

Wounded us but led us afar!

We took sail to the seas, finding another countries be’s

of sheeple, mindless zombie drones

who were still shovelling street shit homes

they had no clue, that magic around!

The didn’t hear the echo in the ground!

The couldn’t beat the feet

Have a solstice retreat

so we favored yourself to higher esteem

this was what is

for when Rome came

we fought our station’s blame

that we corrupted all

and took away the Christ in all

but aye, we didn’t not preach any path

Only the natural Order that was set in staff

but the light-gods of shadows deep darkness

it was like lightness became from antimatter

then the matter we became showed the forms

and led us to a disaster storm.

But aye, we set the stones, we moved the bones

we saw many things in our home

its like the light of time was washing the abode

of the heart so we could clearly make start

this is the way, that you can’t see

that deep rooted in the sea

is a city, a permeance of sight!

Can’t you see, even darkness is light!

For if no perception, then what do we see!

Other than light in all things; apparently!

The Druids came back

came from the attack of the mountains

hid in the valleys and rivers fountains

playing the sweet songs from oral memory

like so many times the bard sings

so as the tale finishes, the light in many things

apparent chaos isn’t a fling

so what I know is this thing passes

and the Titans constructed the Stone Henge

and this allowed us to see sonic wave patterns

but deep down this also confused Atlantis

for they used the same technology

but to much advancement led them down


the deep dark




About up2quark

I rest with silence and awareness; believing in hope for a brighter future, I feel compelled to write any words that excite me in the spontaneous moments in life! So this is my work; hope you enjoy my musings.
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