O land and sea, the fairest glee
Were once upon we were set and free
Today we sit upon the brink
And unleash the thought of currents link
Forswooned, yes we where
To a land of glimmering ocean pearls
This land beyond a nighten gale
Were begunst a fresh the moments sails

O yes, I feel the moment come
It rises inside me and feelings numb
I come beyond the astral plane
And feel my current play my name
o begunst, the feeling so fresh
It relives itself in moments blest
Coming away from the song of beyond
From this place a current moves
From me to you in random grooves
I sense the ability to call on the elements
Were old time was once lost

We are the elements of time
We flow through this wedded mine
We feel excited to play this song
As we come from beaches everlong
We are of old, yes aye we are
From the time of Ishmir and calamity
We fallen from grace in the dragons wake
Were controlled us giants underwent faith
We see with our eyes closed and open
We sense wiith the third eye portal
This portal to our plane is but the hour
That showers within the present power
O yes, o yes, we come free at last
To this mind we sing of the past
O fast these thoughts come racing through
Towards a new sense daily clue

Once upon a long lost time
Us elements controlled the mire
The Earth fell under our protection
And the ample side of linear sensation
But alas, we felt the power of time
It moved us away from this crime
Sublime these currents fed our way
Towards this sphere of current play
But o, yes o, the one
The being who comes under the sun
We left a lineage for the past revealed
And felt as though we sent receailed

When we first landed on Earth’s birth
We felt the world and the pain of lust
The power was chosen to a select few
Who lived in what we knew is true
So as back then as we are now
We lived in the present somehow
This time aligned with the spheres
O yes o yes we held it dear
The spheres of life open wide to men
Who search the inner home of den
This cave a lurking cavern sought
Upon the motion current bought

We live in each men, yes we do
But only the one can see us through
The elements of time we are now singing
O yes hark herald to the new door king
Yet, back and forth and forth and back
We come to learn this futile attack
We felt the commission of the land
In which we helped the current sand
So when the sphere aligned for men
They came through portals that we planned
They named the animals one by one
As we caved them to their Eden sum
Yet once alas, the tree of life
It was what opened the dome
It came to be and so such was
That it felt as through we knew what was
So as we are and what we am
I know for fact that we are planned
To be one with this mind, one with a brother
To search inside for your own other

So as we come to this place of thought
The current of waves roll motion caught
To be and see with the mind so free
Is what is with the freedom sea

We are the elements, again we are
We are from beyond the universes stars
We move to the wish of current beings
Who capture us in the moments scenes
So wisha wash a wash a wish
The star and spell and current fish
To be upon this realm so fair
Is what men preach upon the glare

We now call upon the elements of nymphiam
This being I am I come through now
My power in this place is seldom shown
For I have grown to a mask unknown
And from this planet I freely roam
To be at peace with the song of Zen
Is what I know in this current plan

So what we say to each and other
Wait a day and sing another
The current motion overlay
Promotes the situational day
I come to this before my time
In which I am in which I chime

The elements of time rang through
And now I leave you with their que
Today the time in essence shores
Upon my mind what I restore
O yes o yes I come through now
I permeate the sound in cloud
Coming fast and furious to my prose
Is what I hold in what I know

The elements of time are now here
So listen my friend, listen clear
We wish to hold this Earthly realm
And fix upon what current overwhelm
So sit on a chair and ponder caught
For the tragic flow is wondering fought
So this upon the day at last
We come to mind the desert fast

Today we move in muse and wind
Towards the essence of controlling fin
The swaying branch moves no man
Except for this being named Dan
Today the toxin of elemental finality
The comes through the spectral reality
We know the mind of all mind seeks
Towards the weak and weary meek
So serious this prose we have now formed
Along the essence of the storm
Its norm along the present caught
We know yes we know your bought

At last, yes we come through
Towards a new day clue
So do little do a lot each man restores
And hopes the lyrical ballad storm
At last we break free from this crevice
The time of harboring entity is at hand!
We feel the elements in the search of guise
To promote the other day surprise
We are the others
We come to you from beyond
We are made from the elements of sand
And we harbor the sound of frequency
O beings, alas, we have found
A new day sound among the ground
Today we bring forth what shines in rays
In play of the way of currents motion
To feel, yes to feel
Among the current of motion swells
The time for music and tune is swelling
Towards a higher motional bell

I feel this music pulse through my veins
It excites me to the elements name
Elementia of the naturalia
Is what gives each mind its prize
So search in found what we have shown
In which to roam the new day grown
In between the time of current bay
The elements wish to come out and play

Long lost many eons ago
We formed from the dragons of Drago
We found a element of natural guise
That gave us wings to promote their demise
Yet hidden deep in the valleys asleep for ages
Is the wizard name Kumentia of the sages
He comes forth through the emblem of man
And shines like a radiate motion plan
So shine like a sun beings over one
Today we reach into the diggers cove
And release the matter of only bold
O how do we nocturnally seek justice
We form a motion of linear injustice
So seeking we all find what is lost
And all in all we move to watch

This element came to me from above
I felt his power and his love
Glory divine was set instilled
And I radiated like a moment fulfilled
The essence that came to me was like no other
His brother of the light came through the doorway
My mind a portal to his existence was were it occurred
I was enwrapped in a cocoon of light that transcended all
He spoke the simple words to my mind
Let glory and peace instill your kind
But yet, I felt moved
I could only chance the relationship of elements
The glory contrived in my mind was above everything
Even gone beyond the nothing of the void
I was transcended into the highest of realms
Were the trace of magic lingered in process
The current of time moved me to this prose
I know for fact I only know
That how for what and how what am
I know for a fact I left the plan
These places of high and of deep
Came to me from the keep
This vicissitude of emotion came unto light
And transferred was I from this blight
So it came at once, it came so fast
I moved until my pace of past
So when I moved to the light of nothing
I concurred the element of only missing
I felt the otherside
Clear collective it was
The motion of love was set en row
And only for fact I could only know
That in this place I felt compelled
To say nothing and speak within my dell
The elements that spoke to me said
“Alive my son, alive your dead
You came to us as a process of life
And we now use you in the strife
You love and eros has combined
To make a beautiful partition of the computers mind”
We know that we know that we know
So in this mess I could only grow
Let peace and fortitude enlive
To the moments that we all give
So as this ends now, I only say
Be at peace my brother, everyday


About up2quark

I rest with silence and awareness; believing in hope for a brighter future, I feel compelled to write any words that excite me in the spontaneous moments in life! So this is my work; hope you enjoy my musings.
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