The Great Silence




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Silence is the spoken riddle
it is nameless, therefore named
the Great silence is the First
this consisted of the waves and ocean
Heaven Within, the sea; -of with-out’s crust
the Tao names all apparitions
manifest the nameless in Order to Manifest
for all paths lead to your own door
yet split is the duality of Power
YET non-dual is the mystery
as each form a trinity
Upon miseries infinity
Oblivion and gates are hidden secrets


The Earth is disorder yet exists beautiful
yet lies are named, as Earth is stilled chaos
for the Good we see on Earth is ugly
For with true-light we witness Heaven
for Earth is good and beautiful
but to some extent is bad
Thus two positives from nothing
Create something as an additional charge
For complex and simple work together
The bow and the arrows give force
The law of influence shows greater to lesser
The sphere music harmonizes Order
as a sage explains in riddles
So such one must free the mind
For minding this, opens Heart’s Flower
No-thing claims existence
for the Tao gives form and needlessness
Therefore no gratitude, – a void remark
For the name if unnamed, will not lose mer


To say nothing to a good man is bad

no-value on objects keep them free from theft

and by renunciation, one will see objects

by holding society in check by One

each will see hardships and terrible times

those who are free have no desire

yet also ignorance of knowledge

this allows the tricky to ley back

thus, no action or silence will give Order

Fullness Of Emptiness

The fullness of empty never drains

but shakti gives knowledge; like rain

deep within the oblivion Ocean

things of suchness so such dwell

yet blunt are the swords in the Word

and as a knot tangles the soul

one must loosen the kill of sight

do not trudge a path forsaken

but will the life into existence

through the ancient dance

though the dance is mysterious

so such the sun gives light in Silence

Heaven on Earth

Heaven and Earth as One are Being

to be the trinity as a myriad

creates a space where balance is over-stepped

is not the space betwixt not assume form?

It is full of Aether; thus never empty

but allows empty as in a flux

the potential of logos means manifestation

eventually leading back to silence

and assuming formlessness as the Tao

Valley and Rivers

A valley will always run a river

but not all things are female

for the valley never drains

as currents are sent from above

this is the root of Heaven on Earth

that the within is ocean’s womb

all is inexhaustible for renewal


All between, above, and below sow seeds

this sprouts form and germ the land

for renewal is sustained by nature

allowing long-life to the Oaks

As the Oldest Tree endures

so such do the nuts collect

an impossible task of a sage

for within, all is accomplished


Only few drink the water

for divine fervor consumes the Ocean

in a light undersea, with no-way

for its a home, heart, connection

it faces the icy waters frozen

the deeper thy wisdom, the deeper the well

a ally, friend is a divine link

for a good word contends a man

society must be ruled by Order

time is the ability for action

for if one is contended; thus no fault


instead of draining a vessel

belief in disbelief stops time

as stopping time is the nail

that hits like time’s toc

for the clock-arrows only point

to a time lost in forever

for nothing is the greatest treasure

high fancy brings folly

to walk softly, is to be humble

the winds loves within

Above and Below

above below ascends high

as One brings the river

back to the ocean’s Source

in the current; you cannot let go

as deep breathes consume you

the womb pressures the mirror

that reflects all your life’s patterns

and harm no-good?

Trifle; can love create a state?

When heaven shuts the gate?

Will you have the key?

The female womb’s energy

once you know all seasons

what will the way show you

for life does no work

this is a mysterious virtue


All things in life connect to the Tao

for from nothing; something arises

such as a fish net catching fish

only something is used in a task of nothingness

and thus results in anon something

virtue of nothing must be put to use

Man must take from what he sees into what his beings says.

About up2quark

I rest with silence and awareness; believing in hope for a brighter future, I feel compelled to write any words that excite me in the spontaneous moments in life! So this is my work; hope you enjoy my musings.
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