Speaking in the riddles, many tongues crafted; through a design, woven words that oft’ foretell, for we are all aligned to a time Under-Well. This storm is hidden in the deepest chambers, it is in the chambers of a blue calm Sea, and in this Sea, there is a Well; crevices under norm. This Well, a mysterious midnight-way, comes to us through each moment and in thought-forms it produces the object of “thought”. Accordingly, these thoughts-forms, are inference of developed miss-managed frequencies. To adjust a frequency, to change the sight in a man, to even change the mask upon the perceptional persona, is rational enough to end the tyranny in delusional constructs of Reality.

As a illusion can persist until the understanding is present. It presupposes that the difference between “Reality” and “reality” is not that it can undergo a direct-double experience, but that the framework is Oneness transforming into “Absolute Oneness”. This would be represented by a double edged sword. Each side of the side cuts the experience into a duality, when there is no separation, but the “mind” creates an “ideal” or “concept” to grasp onto when in the face of the cut, this quickens the frequency and adds a higher thought-form that could intelligently come through. An “idea” is already in a problem. For it is “I.dea” where the “I” and the “I.D” and the “I.DEA” all represent a function of consumed conceit. For in this, the “I” forms a “UNIVERSAL” subject and promotes the grandiosity of a simplifying experience, further, once the “I.D” forms, the delusional has an implantation to grab into the bubbles of Words themselves and thus create a “distraction” from “Reality” and subjectively bring one to the “objective thought” that infers from direct-double experience. The “I.DEA” is a continuity of the “I.D” just programmed into new constructs in the being.

A delusion is like a program installed on a hard-drive. For it takes many programs to run a computer well, but it also has to have a virus free hard-drive. For the attachment to objectiveness can come through the seering and openness in the host. For in the system, the host runs all things (windows/linux) and can create formations that transcend all bonds in “reality”. But those basis’s are not constructed to harness the powerful processing speed of all that is which is. For once the virus consumes the computer, its next task is the network. For if the virus even affects your programming, you need to clean the hard-drive, doing a clean slate white and de-know all things that provide themselves as labels. The only labels is “No-Label”, for who is to say what is that? Not that for sure..

Man has succumbed to the double-edge sword. The duality of all things has manifested itself into the root disaster of each being. Those of clear sight can see that there is no-thing and no-one-else doing the work, just a simple nothingness in awareness claiming the conscience of patterns. These patterns are like the sword, for the knowledge they grant us is also the knowledge that kills us. For if we become the knowledge, we persist as One in knowledge, if we become ignorance we persist in ignorance. This is not about duality, this is singleness of states the transform over time into higher levels of being development. The sword hangs above one at all moments, but if one cannot hold the ground for infinite surrenders in all moments the sword will always cut right to the root core. This core is like a negative driver that brings forth singleness of states. These states are radiated through the permanence of light. For truly, to dispel darkness and bring one to light, is known to be quicker using a flame than the dust and tornadoes, volcanic eruptions, or starkly tactics. Using sight to truly see and not feel is easier than allowing one to develop to be. For to be Is to see what is in the radiance of each being, but not to hindrance the being by the exact negative that produced the positive for once revealed. Yet as love kills, so must one stay in a Disciplined Will.


About up2quark

I rest with silence and awareness; believing in hope for a brighter future, I feel compelled to write any words that excite me in the spontaneous moments in life! So this is my work; hope you enjoy my musings.
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