Mast’s Sail

Mystery glistening, harmony’s ambrosia delight

middle riddle Heart of Matter in the Light

center circles all beyond the astral qualities sight

for in my Being, resides, an infinite might

forces knocking at an open door in the blight

yet Dragon’s ample to the throne, Annexed Red White!

But aye, the Saxons, the way they went hard against French

for the Revolution took my imagination’s stench

deep locked away in caves and caverns

is Antithetical formation’s of crevices and taverns

that give light to ascended masters of the white

Can’t you see, how this flow goes tonight?

Locked away places entrance always open

can’t you hear, the flood gates now start hoping

For Ascension purpose will designed

above the Astral light do so climb

moving to the disaster, common repeat

reprehended volcanic eruptions defeat

us now in Hurricanes and delightful retreat

as Tornadoes take us to the Seat

for we are judged by the Thrones of men

twenty-four kings of the old time when

for this Lord showed the time within

For Krishna forms into isness of my in

dancing like a musical note from my harp

I forget to the past time I was opening start

now I feel like a moving monkey mind made something

yet nothing is particular to being the thing to be

so everything follows partially, and stops to be free

for in the thirteen system charkya owning in the sea

is what beings reside within the see

can’t you see, fluorescent wavelike lenses of Rayon designation

for resignation of formation allows thoughtless osmosis radiation

to the mind and flows out the bubbles and expands

allowing for more room for the trauma to be manned

back and forth to time lines all the place

can’t dance without a tune to the place

now the Druids could see this as a fruit of lick

but man, no one else spits in verses from the split

so we unite, sing some songs, everlong to the spirits dance

will I trance upon substance in nothing owns séance

nowhere am I and everywhere I be

can’t you see, this is rhyming dendrite trees

for groves forest round and the roots in the ground

give sound to the birds above the mound

and hopes in pounds in the gravitational city abode

for the Oak heart of the city hopes

so as I keep dancing in this music

I will continue to loop it

I see the shifting places in atoms and light

for all things come to the frivolous blight

and sing its songs in some way beyond

and its song hopes and longs for inner wrongs

but yo, I’ve been back and forth

Merlin course

now I sing free from force

beyond the will

beyond the mind

beyond the love

is a force that shines

it is willed by a loving mind

and thoughtless imagination’s primordial design

so as we come and dance and treat the listening beat

its like I move to the various feats

and deep and deep I want to hit the flow

but many things come and go

and so I sing many sorrows and I think of past times

tracing out that last one was

I see many things of light and darkness

and then the time comes to the pain of light

it is so much I can’t bear

but I hope to share sometime fair

then the weather changes and I dance

and the spinning substance echos hence

and its like this time I feel felt

but nothing else matters but my own melt

love supports from all directions

and simple ways to give correction

it moves and grooves and sings and wings

us to higher places beyond the slings

its like astral light and dancing sight

again rhythm from my propitious white

so seeming gold and white in ore craft nothing

comes to be beyond the radiations coming

the blast of time will center the ways

and let the people know the plays

so I just keep spitting it free

and all that comes is essence be

so as I end so ans I mend

so as I shoot my arrow bent

I end now with one ol tale

Give peace to others, set hope

masts sail


About up2quark

I rest with silence and awareness; believing in hope for a brighter future, I feel compelled to write any words that excite me in the spontaneous moments in life! So this is my work; hope you enjoy my musings.
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