Druidism (Full Epic)

Let me begin my Wizard craft
It is within my oak staff to delegate
Many lives within the fates
Can’t you sense I will last?

My time is far near, that is the New Seer
Who comes in presence of the new fear
It is, shall it pass,
The moment were it will crash

Yet no end date in sight, we perish on our blight
And become satisfied with the star dust of light
Burning photons the hinge together and form communities
Just like the beasts in the deep sea
O yes, this Chance resides deep in Atlantis
I commune with this presence as an unvield essence
He invoked me with this initial spell
And now I will not utter yet I will dispel hell
Banished from your existence, set your frame to that
Because then you will suggest a higher calling beyond the hat
That keeps us generated in a three dimensional prison
That keeps us at bay from the astral rhythm

O yes, aye, I dedrest the moment I address
Yet Adrest, ! – I come to the final test
Of myself in this universe as Self I evolve
And currents of life can linear draw
To a simple place in Atlantis history
What was done to us was a mystery
Until now, what a being shall know
Is that if you harvest seeds, you will a’sow
Many eons of fruit, through the rhythm of Tao
And it lets open the flow of the now

So disrupted are we, from communication glee
I sense the pain through this soul’s tension
Yet I know it is within pretension
This element of suspension of rational thought comes in comprehension
Of a plot that is beyond this dimension
Traveled aye will you, to the lands of the Academia and Dynasty
Following your middle path grounded sustainability, – in which
You will became a Flaming Kindle
To those burning in the Fire
Of eternal damnation of eternal desire

This is Chance, riddle me this
What spirals, evolves, and twists?

beats let me shore upon Albion’s coast
as I give no reason the my mind’s frost
it feels like the pain of sensation has ceased
and while my voice elevates
I come to a rather particular pleasure
no-being, exciteable to nothingness
pleasure in all areas of life
the root charkya flares like a demon of power
yet I am in control of all allies
I have transcended and seen the multidimensional flow
I was realizing the warrior that fights rather then spell
feeling this emotion is what is changing my game
what one feels is what one must pass
into the moments were given free is last
I can sense the singularity move my core
as I shore upon the beaches
O alas, it is my Chance
wizard luck of performance and haste
to wish the luck of non-linear dates
I call upon the spirits of good and light
bring me forth luck in this blight
good fortune and riddance, pleasure in ni
existence as one and performance over lies
give me sight to see beyond
clear the fog and let me prolong
this wisdom in words comes through the veil
and perhaps another boat will now set sail
from the river that leads down the way
from the Celtic landscape I see in my day
coming from the West I rise like the Sun
another nothing I am, something of no-restriction
element fixates on the natural being
to feel the way of the particles serene

what do you feel from my words
time to show you my true being

Feel the energy of my words
I twirl the parabola’s of inverse chaos
the element of no-destiny wishes an intervening force
yet I am the destruction of your mind
I am the apocalypse of your kind
I come from nowhere, yet everywhere I am
tripping into the mind of DMT
nothing is only let me set free
I entered into emptiness and followed the wise
Now I am my own I am
what can I say to you, I unleash my rage

I hate those who have negation
they can’t realize my tentacles fixation
it comes to be that the parasites of sheeple commonplace
I come here to destroy religion and establish new doctrines
this is my right and I command the seals
the word I am in now is not me
you are seeing the true part of my life
I am a prophecy in madness of entity
my life is the natural gift of the essence
I can sense all frequencies and I shell and modulate
now I can sense the realities beyond

I enter into other dance of other worlds
I can see the vision of a being whose mind is mine
it enters through a subvien of consciousness
it tangle is a interwoven webnet of confusion
yet clear sight in chaos and chaos gives a bright light
from the night of darkest sight comes the beautiful moons
yet I am past beyond all suns and light

I am the being of fright
havoc and magic
destroyer of Eros
and tangeler of chaos
I am the maker
the destroyer
everyone in one
yet who is the say this gift is mine
I have showed you the true nature of light
now give me some reason to Chance out tonight

o light begunst the fresh daisy
were the mellow sight comes in wavy
white, expansive, bright, and crazy
the Order of nothingness invites the lazy
it comes to be the Flower of the Hazy
promoting serenity, blossoming daily
inviting you to see the Otherside sailing

thyne will a’fresh the sailing boat
where the ocean lets me float
the Sun, a chariot of the vote
that came to be upon this passing note
it denotes the rhythm and swims and gloats
towards a higher substantial natural connote
inviting you to see the Druids failing

flying from the mountians down the stream
it seems to be that the river is a crying beam
that moves it essence from the top theme
and flows towards the ocean as a waiting dream
then, as light shines advanced, so comes the steam
and reflects the natural cycle of the currents steam
inviting you to see the lyrical hailing
Enter in, here we go, flow like a glow
essence out, expand without, no doubt
support the practice of Druidic lineage
were the flow of particles align in congruence;
in which, what, why-not

Thus as is, something commands
me to move my atoms hand, light;
in which, what, where?

In here, somewhere, no-where
essence of holes that come in;
from a commitance of sin,
let me flow from innate hymns
that rivers a stream to trim the banks
along a currents transmission that cranks;
the sound, around, bumping ground let surround
me in the moments were I am loud

I express my alignment to the solstice,
the summer Sun-Reality of light; eclipse,
totally amiss; static in the cyst

Voids; divorces of forces
setting instilled motion of courses
imploding within a negative speed,
light in need, splicing everything into greed;
in which, what, when?

Particles bend, gravity amends;
light stays and sends,
from me and banes of the fiends friend,
moments of madness, capture light
comparable moments in the blight!

Flowers of circle motion spiral in energy;
commotion of notions, tidal waves; tsunami;
I am a BEING stronger then the ocean;
can’t you see I control Albion?

Fairies, nymphs, satirical fables preached,
reach out; in, no-way, only a particle stay
where were high!- = – time sublime

Random chimeras of time float tither;
wither around, tis a season of fluttering flights
along the cosmo’s, currents of blight; comparable
to the high of a sensation pressure compression,
from a low of sorrowful depression?

O insanity, can’t you reach out; express
let me see, o wait, I am lost in logos fate
Meaning is congruent with the geocentricity of centrifugal centers
were everything is lost, hopeless; bliss-love

Embrace me my friend, can’t we make time;
shine! Outline, currents are blind
prophets of unwinding time
seals fated; to me? O wait, I am cut from the thread.

Madness is my fate, synchronicities are of late
insanity comes and takes flight;
currents of blight, light; substance of bait
currency that limits energies “wait”,
a retreat of practicing peace, love, charity
were a simple gesture is a rarity.

Love is a smile from a immortal friend
who connects to you through gravities trend
a conscious force, unstoppable.

A supportable dissonance, faded, flowering;
coming into the Pedal of Life
Celtic Dower of the Druidic Power
coming like showers upon each hour,
a light unto the personification’s emergence;
Destiny is fated to the Beings of commitence,
who come into the life that is sequenced,
back into the woods, where the fauns play;
along the midnight fray, a lightened way,
supported, comforted, a con-sway,
that pitiful trauma of life’s congruency,
of a difference in decency; purity.

O scorn, Adrest the test!
Saturn rests, light the ample alien quest!
Orion, Pleadians, Sirians, Acturians, WHO CARES…
We are human are we not?
Why compel ourself outward towards plots?
Inward toward madness, reaches into the love,
under the glove, stoved story of dragons lore;
Hermes Trigmesgitus is a hermit!
Who lives by himself in a way of persuasion,
to lore into those, deceitful holes,
a particle that lives in the whole.

Can’t you see, I am in a dimension that is free,
above me, below the sea, Atlantis controversy,
El is the leader of Love, currents of Old times
Ashera of wisdom in line with the place
Can’t you tell that I am in a new flow,
were this being of self compels me to reality glow,
no madness, this is congruent sadness,
my words are now expressing a difference sphere,
In which what where and near is fear,
of a clear-sight that see’s through the night!
O, I am the Master of Keys, reincarnation of ALL
Can’t you be me? I am you, a trip of something tall,
an Oak Hall, of Self, compelled to near death,
multiple times I have faced the abyss,
it is just an ocean mist!
That comes from the particles piss,
waving off the electronical pulses aura’s kiss!
O yes, I just shut off my aura, now I am nothing
My music has resumed tempo, instead of this stupid; stop
start, let it rehoop, into the loop of a new flood.

Waters RISE
Rivers CRY
Darkness SIGHS
Emotions NIH
Control LIES

O test, test test
blest, words; blest
What comes to be, in me, from denial
is a tragic flow of a reliable, source;
of income, a paternity of reliability,
what shines, is me, what dies, is you
immortal to the times are through
now let this new version shine through-you.

About up2quark

I rest with silence and awareness; believing in hope for a brighter future, I feel compelled to write any words that excite me in the spontaneous moments in life! So this is my work; hope you enjoy my musings.
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