The clouds above, send earthly prizes to those who bestow, and in the light, every essence grows. It comes to be that the sound of time, comes through the reflection of spheres. It is every clear, that all presences are what comes through fear. It is that is, that when in such, everything in light is a simple touch. This diction of self, a prose to begin, is coming all from within.

The simple foundation for a supreme truth, rests in the allowance for a universal flow. Within this flow, the energy comes through a nexus and transposes the recollection of thought into a cellular membrane that cohesively structures the being into the echoing sound of reality. When the being comes into contact with his sphere, the universal structure dictates what comes through. This information recurrence, is cyclic in nature, and helps designate an order of universal harmony. This harmony, is in light, a heaven on earth, established by the gift of sight. This sight, of clairvoyance, is a gift of the cornea displacement from the movement of particles within the light bridge-cosmos between the everclear objective and subjective chemicals. These chemicals induce states of reference to the being the coincides with the supreme adjustment to subjection, allowing what comes to be, what is past, and what is past in be shall come; thou shall see.

This peace of mind, a tempo of my heart, comes and begins in every art. The colors the pigment my picture from the horseplay of May, to the current of the day, begins in every moment and allows for me to stay. This is the element of my play, to be the course of miracles that suggest a new way. The middle path, where light is the darkness that surrounds nothing, yet comes to be in the suggestion of everything. This time alleviates my essence, and I can see the picture of the everything.

This place of trust, a relationship between everything and nothing, is something. It is within, to see that there is a amundi to survive the subspecies aeternalis, in which, all logos has a meaning that baits fate. This suggests, that through the fundamental reason of diction that creates a dichotomy between the self and no-self, it reasons that the spiritual gift of sight must be given to those who are in the sufferings of character. This means, that when in suffering, the integrity of one’s being is put to a pure objective test, that is, within the means of a chemical suffering. The only thing that can overcome this delights is a simple task of a contract in the light. The darkness of the nightmare only insures that the dream of time must make the task as simple as becoming nothing. This essence, in all, is a subjective state were the natural order of light partakes in the continual reinforcement of one’s being, through the past, present, and future logos. This means, that the meaning of time is within the being’s own hindrance of hope, yet hopelessness is the future of Albion’s coast.

This means, that when lost on the sea, the light of clouds come from above, showering rain and fresh new drops the enlighten the particles. Yet, fresh drops of dew do not always refresh what is new, for the ancient of ways is a play that is written within the order of time, the suggestion that the universe is a diction that always plays itself in a fundamental way. This reason of narcissism from a logos is the Ego of a deity of time, who comes and shines it way to the present harmonious soul of flight. This light, in all ways, in the Sun of the King, who has entrance to the chambers of light.

This light is the information that receives itself through the Oversoul of one’s fundamental core understanding. When the frequency adjust to a higher octave, the sphere allows for the reflection of each being through a mirror election of the selection. In essence, this presence of time allows for the creation of reason through a self understanding of the other, who in sense, is a codependent situation of a fancy. This fancy, or help, is needed in times of strife, and the strife is an adjustment to what comes in each person’s life. This life is pure and subjective, to what is within, what is without, and what is all within without. This is a pure state in which one can see that light in essence is everything that comes from a central core, the core of a light that is shining through the ages. Each age is a representation of the core of an individual, and an individual is the core of the age. So logic dictates that these words flow from a central power, yet if that geocentric principle is applied, I am the Source, therefore, I am the Universe.

So as you see, everyone comes to essence that within their geometric design, the order of the progression rates that like attracts like, how is opposite not opposite yet still opposite?

What I see within my heart, is a pumping art, it comes in the canvas of love, and performs it’s picture as pure as a dove. It’s gazelle jumps and frantically prances, and dances in trances of visions that come to sight, where in my own light, this place of dread and conspiracy is fed by the snakes around the lake, who constantly take from their mistake that the wolf is led by a leash, but who can see that the lion is in constant construct of the raven who comes by the eagle’s emanations who see’s the hawk within the prophecy of time.

O ye wizards, ample to the throne, I am a Light that is shone, a particle that is done.

So what can the heart begin the bring forth, I will search and feel for my start:

I lightium, excendium, abranch to me! Set free, the light within the tree! Tetragrammaton of the essence alive, come through the Celtic design. The vision-seer of light through the particle of blight, is in rarity, what comes through my sight. The druids of time set a circle beat to the wheel that structures the will. Each passing age and season led the example that men should follow the natural way of life. This natural procedure was to induce states of trance and vision sights that allowed for the temporal displacement of logos; time transcended. This can be done through nothingness, everythingness, and subjunction. This allows for different states and perceptions and visions to see through the lens gateway of sight. Yet, if you want to switch reference points, imagine two points within the tree of your being. If you wish to ascend, let you point move above, in which, you will feel grace and love. If you wish to undermine and under will, switch your point below, and roots will establish your relationship to the “I’.

This suggestion of different particle quantum locations allows for the displacement of membrane structure, in which the pores open to a frequency of light that generates a heated signature of allowance, in which either something or nothing is let through. One can embrace love, or transcend under the glove. This means, that each persona will undertake a new role, this assemblage points will allow for a different sight within the individual user. These different suggestions to the frequency modulation of the individual will allow for selective states and entity control within the premise of white. If the darkness surrounds your core, you will be brought to hell. Allowing for light, only love, and beings of purest intention, will allow for the resignation of your being and a new design of light and structure to pore through your veins. This cellular memory will activate the portals within your being to create a fundamental station for the generation of alteration that will allow for the spiritual reoccurrence of cyclic nature.

To be, underlie, and suggest a new paradoxical nature to the paradigm of life, comes to be in the moment that everything is in essence, strife. Suffering creates the sight of Druids, in which the torment of many residual passages reinforce the structure of belief, yet how can one be new with the old? This passage must see that the old ways of the Druids is but the sight that cannot be forsaken, yet the vision-seer must also allows for the passage of time to flow through current. It cannot be denied, that truth must be seen from a perspective of non-dual nature. This allows for the current to perceive its destination from the resignation and design. This means, that the sphere harmonious music will suitable an abode within the structure of one’s temple. This temple, allows for the adjustment to different sights, visions, and oracles which come through as a Delphic instruction, constructing a new form. This form of complexity, will show that through emergence of a butterfly, the wings of time will pattern the love into all designs.
What is a design? A design is the pure soul of each being, which comes to see through logos and understand that fate of destinies hand in their life. This life which shows what comes to be, is an essence of rarity, and compounds the nature of all the spheres into a single musical note that must be heard on the lyre of each being. The nature of all Christo men is only a single foundation for the presence of a narcissistic compelling suicide. This means, that religion is the suicide of self. So no suicide, only self of religion. THis means, that the death of self results in the suicide of being, and allows the religion of the cosmos to flow through the non-dual perspective that reflects that persona of the dissolving identity of the unit. The system systematically systems the system, and allows for the structure of design to order the perfect plan.

The plan of a design is the structural geometric design of the word, in which it transcends all limits and allows for the poetic design of the structure to allow for a reflection of the mirror of self. When the temporal displacement of the self is realized, it comes through a retina mirror sight of a wave pattern that dissolves the linear placement of atoms, this sight comes through the rising temperature of the Sun, allowing for the reflection to rise to who are one.

This premise of sight allows for the being of time to see within the premise of their white nature, and allow for the Celtic advancement of the placement of time. Sublime thoughts roll from a virtue of man, but as man is virtue, all must be upright with the square nature of nature. This means, that time is the being who is equal to nature. Thus, sight is given to a being who is subjective to his nature a natural order of time, leading him to be all nature; an existence of nature.

Nature is a procedure of euclidean action. THis means, that the plane of animate resembles a color of different proportions the reflect a constant flux of temporal distortion. In which, we perceive a wavelength of colors that allow for the frequency to adjust to each adornment and atonement of pervious light. This means, that the collective unity of the unctuousness allows for the placement of all advancement in contracts, this means prince, that you are still a prince, and will always will be a priest.


About up2quark

I rest with silence and awareness; believing in hope for a brighter future, I feel compelled to write any words that excite me in the spontaneous moments in life! So this is my work; hope you enjoy my musings.
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