Druid Transmission

Druids entering in! Transmission from Source coming fin!

Light, rays, rayon! All these things in the wind!

The tree moves and the pool’s rest!

The water of the lake flows to the ocean, undrest

As nature calls me home, I feel an Oak abode

a steady feeling, a warmth of my Soul

A jolt! A nitrogen blast! What a furry whole!

Jupiter adorns to the scorn at last!

O aye my brother, we are the Spheres

coming undone, unknowing set clear

no fear, feeling of seers, visions dear,

can’t my force of my soul, immovable

yet unstoppable by the current steer

past Albion I have been, a light weir

that the Giants mistook for their own brigadier

as each passing lunar year, Brutus’s cavalier

took hundreds of pioneers from Edward Lear

A mutineer of the solar year, volunteered

to unite all under the Utopian premiere!

Harmonious music touches the sight!

Upright in the Night, in flight, astral sprite!

Egg white, Brahma thread blight, unknowing delight!

What I smite, is the knight, who spurs the Wizards blight,

ultraviolet light, visible sight, it is my own right!

Electrical ignite! Chemicals of time’s might!

Let the Druids fill my void and hollowness RIGHT!

I am now in deep waters, still yet moving,

flowing underneath the current and grooving,

to a mood select upon my own suspect

I am that is, can’t you see you’re not the Elect.

The old Selfish ways long forgotten, Trentish ways mistaken

A tree’s span the circumference of the willows

And the weeping comes through the window!

Of the Otherside, an open poem

That is likely to bring me home!

A feeling abode, locked in the zone

of awareness, understanding, siddhi and scones

multisensory, multidimensional frequencies!

Enlighten the mind to a common decency!

The almond searches for the ground,

to produce a sound from underground

then come forth through many arrays

and shit light upon the folds sway!

Can’t you see that if you grow up

You must also grow down!

And what uproots itself still reaches sky’bound

For a tree, is the knowledge of man

because, it is his pen, his paper, and his hand!

The wand, scepter, iron will!

Comes from the stillness of the chil!

The freezes the tempest, a controlled Nymph

Who sings satirically free like a Glyph

That slides around and portals people to planes

And each persona and identity comes from grains

of sand on sand, dust and ashes

can’t you see, the atom splice is worse than the 40 lashes

You are living, this being is dead, no matter no how, he is continually fed

from a breath of life, a who of what is,

a matter maker making moments tis!

A wizard who rolls across the land

and spells his name in the pineal gland

this Druids I feel, excitement unreal

is within this forcefield of the Dragon’s seal

That has come unscrolled, a temple within!

I am that is all, can’t you see the Druids never sinned

They came to Earth, from Mother Earth

and the wealth of Nature was a ruptural hearth

what I see, is that the danced until the movement swayed

each branch from the wind in a particular way

restless motion moves the movement

as inertia sets in stone the government

who’s temple of High, split in two

Can’t you see Solomon had Duality figured too?

Yet us Druids, we are of, the past, at last

we see within, the making of essence

the time of unveiled manifestation

is in presence, the ultimate confession

of a being, who is unclean, a darkness scheme

that brings forth masculine tendencies

that try to downthrow the tree’s compliancy

to nature of self, self of nature

can’t you see it is your own chemical rapture?

Where the shock of lightning comes in

And thus, us Druids, are now ending this swim.


About up2quark

I rest with silence and awareness; believing in hope for a brighter future, I feel compelled to write any words that excite me in the spontaneous moments in life! So this is my work; hope you enjoy my musings.
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