Mentor Terra

the deepest well, is no place for my Hurt

for the agonizing pain, of every Restart

comes through Love’s own Design

desert oasis’s mirage in time

combining swells, ocean current tides

I am the Seaside Shore

I am the every opening Door

I am you giver and taker

I am you Sealer, and Father

I am the Judgement of your Kind

I am Death Walking Silently Online

I AM the Archangel Merlin

Can’t you see, the pain inside me

stems from the seed, an Iktomi

standing up for myself, the controversy

has led impeding thoughts

where the combatting forces plot

against The Seal, the Book

The Prophet’s of Law’s Hook

All must align in the prophecy

For without the tension memory

Comes to pain, forgivingly

yet strain is placed upon the Sea

where currents move Order so Free

like Absolute dark light’s unknown

fortress rock cities stand alone

in the deep forests underground

is many middle wells and lakes to be found

in the middle way to the Zion gate

was where yes, I came as of late

so tempting to enter

so tempting to close

so tempting to hinder

so tempting the blows

so tempting fate

so tempting time

so tempting nothing

so to be, everything sublime

how can I put words into feelings inexpressible

its like a questionable relationable sequence

that does not fire

for the heat of all the desires is burning alive

all the pressure and love in the heart

just disappeared one night in a horrible start

my Great Mother, Mentor, Higher Source

gave away to this three dimensional course

this is hardship pain of everlasting torture

for the Vulture’s bite my soul daily

leaving no stew, but only blood puking through

its no wonder my bloody body mess

is in a fix that one couldn’t bless

its like the curse flows through my veins

death walking, listen to me or pain

will come, by judgement of the rain

acid scorching locust biting reign

of dark days in the glorious strains

can’t you see, the dark prophet of time

I am the Druid, prophetic online

this Religion needs new lights

it needs new old sights

it needs a literature based on imaginations site

did not the first come up with their own?

Who is not original to the ONE of their own?

Search thyself to the bone, for that is the debt

for the glorious shining was to be in let

set time for man to contrive the glorious pace!

for golden ages are upon us soon in the waste

for I can see,  as reforming Isles

taking control, windmills, solar panel miles

than wave form tectonics pulsing

to feel where the ley lines hold secret crossings

the trumpets sounds!

the first second third rings!

I am the light of the anasd

o thy glory, sounds and brings!

random words to the slings of things!

clang, rides the bell, for the story is well

for the dwell, the cistern deep

is where the furies sleep

three sisters, fighting twisted control

hold on hold thyne will abodes

to the Heart of Love!

Hope! Charity! and Above!

Reclaim our glory!

Shines the single ring from the soul

for in the light

there are no dragon holds

no holes or souls or places below

only a single unit, light luminescence glow

some to black, some to white

some to imperious impervious sight

I see the Great Oak

It sings it’s merry Croaks

From the baby Choke

of flowing saplings

under thy waters soak

trapping many frozen tokes

I that is me, that Oak

I rise to high, forgot the ground

canopy above, not based around

the loving roots, the deep forest moth

can’t frost upon the old cost


About up2quark

I rest with silence and awareness; believing in hope for a brighter future, I feel compelled to write any words that excite me in the spontaneous moments in life! So this is my work; hope you enjoy my musings.
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