in the zone now, behold! foretold!

elemental nature folds

upon itself, some how

more like Euculdanation physics

laws in Nature, man in Law

Nature in Man, Man is Nature’s Law

upon the Eagle’s emanations

configure pattern’s reconfiguration

Merlin sings his song as the Tree

Holds its nest for the Family

paternity eternally physically

turning against Natural Skies

Summerlands and nymphs

Satyrs in tragic flowing neophytes

adepts in the vision

yet go beyond beyond prisms

double step tune

or single step of freedom

what you choose in this kingdom?


About up2quark

I rest with silence and awareness; believing in hope for a brighter future, I feel compelled to write any words that excite me in the spontaneous moments in life! So this is my work; hope you enjoy my musings.
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