Start from the Beat

I am a verse inept to the beat

Current serendipitous moments of retreat

Placid and still; controlled through the hills

Rolling like a thunder among the chills

Of shock direct alternating current

All alive in the tournament

About all I can seer

Yet that all among us must fear

A higher Source within the abyss

Yet cisterns show that Love amples the way

For both get the middle sway

Like each day the play converts

Me into a million shattered curtains

Yet veil upon life; life upon strife

Golden Heart is like a coming of waves

Yet what is information other than from my brain?

You don’t listen to a hymn inverse

But what can you say, I conflay verse

Yet walking simple and fair I remembered

That current November moves chilling succumbed

Reborn knowledge through the loop chillin remix

And the DJ gibberish

Yet creation is imagination

Can’t you see self is like a construction

Design for humbles in the deconstruction

You human clay form elements from the Earth

Yet Mother does not always help along the worse

Yet some may see that within lies a realm

Where you can place a no-see with Light

Current in my arms yet moving strong

Beautiful song like an everlong

Daffodils and Fea Queens place Kings

Unto the slings and arrows of things

But arch arch-type of the Circle

Rings like Doppler

Supernatural in the lyrical

What I sold to be conventional

Yet old times abstract reinvention

O where art thou my brother

Two died but One came to life

Then the Trinity came for the splice

Yet the frame set, the game instilled

Battles of dragons who eat like a ring sling

O the Heart of Things

Formulation of what I sway in stress reason

Dying indirect, yet what I say is treason

For how could love show what’s behind

The Rainbow that could bridge ya

Vibe to the flow, yet I am the Alchemical Master

Now you will see a potion elixir mixture disaster

Herbs gathered like a stone

Set instilled this pace I roam

For Fidhle me this, Dorian that

I have chosen to give up the hat

But the cauldron burned

Set the splice network churned

Spikes into all points, yet gears teaser

Among the typical All Realm Season

Ultimate is what I see

What framed is energy of a glare

Is the luminous beings angry?

At what I dare within the be

Of a faulty

Yet switch it back, relax and relax

Because I can chill in a rehabilitation constacked

They think I left but 28 days later

Let to ten to one

Binary sequence set two to one

How does it not happen in love

That what we see is all a white dove

A crow that shines upon the current ring

Of a menu voice meal call treat

But what I sling is the beat

Inert what I say within the expression of who

Blurred along the time of view inverse of me

To you along what I know is True

This being is like a no-being complete

Version retreat of my own substance

Learn what I know

Know what  I learn

Heart is now, and now is a Heart

Love always moves from the start.


About up2quark

I rest with silence and awareness; believing in hope for a brighter future, I feel compelled to write any words that excite me in the spontaneous moments in life! So this is my work; hope you enjoy my musings.
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