Throne Above

the forest fern along the gentle coast

tales asunder, fading like ghosts

knights rode, lances at post

common routes to the Sea-folk

ships were built, roads were laid

clay and chisels; screams paved the way

roads and golden grass

colours dancing along the prairies

the love of family, lost to stairways

before twas naught, but was twas once

light upon the shields, hardened mail crusts

valour and virtue, nobility held

common grounds, castles can foretell

that vicissitudes of men, glories den contrived

denied and saved, chambered and denied

access to the many, yet common rank

was God’s word, Divine Right’s of King’s from the Franks

Revolution took cause, the peon’s of fight

conquered and loved, saved by sight

flowing to the rivers, seeing the land

coming from the East, Columbus took stand

but death paved the way, The Sun sets in the West

But from the East, death ensues to those who are blest

skinning and hanging, rotting in flesh

do you really think that campaign is blest?

Forsook by God, the common rod of the British

they deny access to the Bills of Rights, a wish

that from God we are called, but by light we hold

before the realm that is growing cold

Disorder set in motion, fray upon chaos

troggen a gamble of motion’s ocean

flowing to the ships, granted by the Knight’s condition

that rank must be established, order inspired

the land spread far out, the ranks spread through time

crime on crime, nobility held the line

they purged the Others, the Wizards of sects

the Magi who gave the rules from the Mecc

these things lost, time’s cold and running wild

denied like a flaming vice of a child

Dragon’s are red

Dragon’s are white

The veil is mine

Wizards are higher in might

Run through the forest

Run through the woods

Run to the hills

Let go

Surrender to life, but thought gives death

Motion is inept, but the machine moves breathe

controlling this fixation, a tentacle relation

suspicious of controlling the fates

rights of time flow through this step of self

but common wealth, of the health

comes and goes, but flows and slows

yet time goes, yet time stays

currents of graves and light saves

switching forth and styling

grooving in the wild

Mild and controlled

surfing along my soul

yet this span of seconds

time from the lessons

of old ways, common plays; mistaken days

yet Ego reigns supreme in a realm of power

Human ways of Universal calamity showers

Shakti upon us

but upon them

they know nothing

But this force of crux a burning something

Flames burn like sigh is near

but common fear is tragic hope

but many ropes along the boats of Athens coast

shone like the golden Grasshoppers that toast

the symposium of light, the grand delight

that the ancients shown their gift

they saw, sensed, where, when

but common mend just denied them

thy Hemlock they gave

An apology that saved

A death of flute that followed suite

All around this merrygold round

sounds from the beat of olden times

knights and Wizards and Ancients of sublimes

crimes of mines that ore craft set

open let of axiom prelets

sets on days plays upon sways

yet as this beat moves and stays

I sense that the land before is beyond the stars

the land of time flows like a earthly guise

but I see many ways that sight through me



denying access to gazes

this slow frame of thought is emotional me

but common heart is standard fee

in a time

I wept

but i slept, dreamt upon sleep

but sleep denied was access alive

to a coming surprise

that love never denies

a light to save

from a giving grave

all is one

under the Sun

so what we see

is Family is never done

but what I know

is that from the Throne above

I was sent to earth like a dove

falling from above

into the center

then coming below

under the weather

I come into being

but trance and serene

thought and motion

corruption teamed

but sight was given to those who are blind

and light shines in various times

so as I end this simple verse

mistake what you know

never rehearse


About up2quark

I rest with silence and awareness; believing in hope for a brighter future, I feel compelled to write any words that excite me in the spontaneous moments in life! So this is my work; hope you enjoy my musings.
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