Invocation Druids

So long ago in a forest fern of delightful nights

came an opening! A portal! A gate leading sights!

Emerald casts! Jewels sapphires and staffs!

Magic casts and rainbow lash

For Prometheus fires the fire times

in the crime, sublime, prophet aligned

in the Druidism motion of Pythagoras signs

in the solstice of the harboring boat’s anchor

like perching doves and hawks above!

For destiny has chosen no man

for no one is worthy but the Death

each breathe comes out loud into the sound

seeing the past in the vision’s in Dreadful mounds

so long as the past echoes many things

so doth thyne sting of leaving stitch brings

light to the sun apocalyptic beginning end mines!

For stoned beings of casting serene

passed the lightning scene, a television screen

about the light beam we rewind.

In the name of light

Ascended master’s of blight

beings of Love, Emerald Showers

Hope and Charity, Harmony blessedness

lightness to the touch and the everywhere muchness

arise the phoenix! Taliesin invocation of yours!

In the beginnings

thermodynamic ranges shifted

volcanic islands, warriors drifted

angelic hosts and demons sifted

through Atlantis’s perception system

systematic dynamic symbiotic

symbiosis to the mitosis

reverse to the double thought tune

the dark undersea current came about

shouts, dark, but light showed sights

we connected in simple cell form formations!

Light to advance the nations!

For we rose from the chambers of lakes

and came to be from the underground mistakes

lavishing at Zion we come to be in the stakes

talk or keep going in the motion sound

keep going ignore the call, serendipitous motionless

different elements mixed

water and fire, but water existed fixed full first

then the fire led to ash

and the ash fell the clay and breathed wind

came from fire of Prometheus’s kin

but liver stew, what a smoker’s choice

so in this place we come to be in disorder

but now we bless the systematic order

when the elements came to be

they shaped in many features and shapes

clay formations bubbles rising from the depths

and then left to the unknown places before

so we knew, that this is Adams first parable

then it came from the light of forms

then names and forms combined as One

never a Duality Split

That is the indifferent

coming to see what the land hopes to sense

is what this song will be in pretense

as Adam gave to Seth, who came to Roberts vision

left the prism of One to be the system

so we came to sight, upon delight!

And the embers of fire cooled the night

yet nightmares and crazy voodoo’s

the dome was the first Eden zoo

as the ancient Aztec tribes

had held accustomed sacrifice to the line

but Druids knew the right of these ties

we never lied, but gave up the beast

the death light orb calling blackness

in form he sought us

we fought!

O yes we fought these demons of time

light was chosen the this being now divine

we came to be

from the sea-ship-floating

we didn’t anchor

we landed quickly on earth-sun-moon

and we aided the growth of the planet

for the Druids knew that this dome shield would divide

God from men, and we knew the prophet line

would come to this man at this time

so we passed judgment and we nether gated

into the permeation

as we sought forms of ancient ties to trees

the script was in the DNA bark of papyri

so we came to know that the signs could show

that the time of multiple things come through lines

so what we know is going to pass through many states

but as one radiates its essence comes to the brink

so as we ride this wave once again

the thing was shifted out now

we wait for another gathering presence of the druids

but back to the story at hand…

the first elements mixed into Titans

the dome protected the Eden’s chastened

but the living was kept behind the wall

for living was destroyed in a single crunch

then upon light! Aye the many things came

so we kept to be in the sight of men

away in our dens

hidden away the storage when

the Masters guided into Zion

where the inner aligns to prions

that is a information dendrite sensations

that informational messengers ranger

whoa what whats that

coming back to the druids infant

he hate the cross

for we did have rights with Caesar for loss

this man so righteousness

but disguised in the nightmares

coming to be the end of time dangers

for I know the first plague

it came to me

the locust swarms after the

blood of the rivers flows

many beings will wither

from lands a’afar

times to land distant mars

for we know nukes could save no more war

but decimate the chambers of souls

for in the energy wipe nuke system

your energy rips apart by splices

for if it doesn’t stay together

nuclear reactions split

so your soul’s atoms rite

comes to be the it is wrong in the sift

so we have to know that all this comes and shows

that many things come in flows

schizophrenic and bipolar

up scaled downer to the satire

but as I come back to many causes

I will end this fourth-eye-sight

for if I keep it up I will lose light.


About up2quark

I rest with silence and awareness; believing in hope for a brighter future, I feel compelled to write any words that excite me in the spontaneous moments in life! So this is my work; hope you enjoy my musings.
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2 Responses to Invocation Druids

  1. David says:

    A Wordsmith building on his magical craft. Your writings remind me so much of a 16th Century English Poet called Michael Drayton, who wrote Polyolbion.

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