4 – 0

yo yo check this beat

walking to and fro along the road open

I see the cars, moving sideline bars

like lyrical notes each one hailing a color

ridin’ till they die on forward

they I switch it back

form a new alphabetical attack

the notes i hit, indifferent

split to the sensations wit

common pit of delirious nitwits

acorns for squirrels, collect the nuts

bring them home, before the crunch

of time instilling, willing, chilling fuzz

like a warm glow, flow mastery undone

from inept beats I hear flow One

treat the nectar sweet bee to the way

for pollination to your hearts this day

then tear it open for Love, the Love of the Heart

is the beginning start, composing sanctified Art

logos in Words; compelled Revelation compart

o yeah, heat it up, yeah GO up the Heat

I’m gifted, quick, non-submissive, never beat

listening to this voice, quick choice to avoid

but hear the noise, aloud from the material toys

they employ tactics to simplify boys

no real man any-more, just play-stops

like every Pimp’s waggin willin spot

than cracked down by 4 0

left them to their own martyrdom

in the system, they check it out

no homes but the prisons mouth

sounds O so great, a fate that baits

a thug to a wanna be wigga what

then I change into the tune

and the beats come fast in zoom

its a small dream for the rapper wanna be happer

but small dreams can smell to bigger fields

where the plot doesn’t always reveal

its like sit on this, sit on that

reveal yourself from your own hat

than style in the flat and keep it sanctioned

for what you want is liberty succession

for in regression of times the money goes down

but the play goes up

so as you can see

Tao moves one way free

like the Wizard apart of Me

Magician, Soothsayer, Seer

what you say is not ? me dear

so now I enhance, advance, substance

comes through my essence

like a simple note, on a boat of stringed tones

and then it zones me out to the throne

where Arthur sat in his glorious glory

but that is a story of revelation harbouring

for this ill spittin willin check it mic

raps from the West like its my last night

checkin in and out of reality for sure

schizophrenic kids taken on da floor

open doors to veils beyond you can’t see

I rap faster than you can handle being free

for no freedom in this Wall street captured bong

for we can always takes hits and sing along

but it contains the glass

the moments of our fires pass

we may be there for a few

but coming down is always a clue

that going up is relative to down

so wall street is the biggest clown

settle for this, mind split indifference

dissonance of times flowing condition

rendition of glowing submission

allies support commision

but no monetary system

that is the edition


About up2quark

I rest with silence and awareness; believing in hope for a brighter future, I feel compelled to write any words that excite me in the spontaneous moments in life! So this is my work; hope you enjoy my musings.
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