Left Right Center

light upon the fixing time

where was i felt the moving chime

it captured the essence of light and me

and moved me to beyond the sea

the storm of current echoes my soul

and this night of lightning of nitrogen’s role

will take us to the movement at whole

this will allow us to see the portal in full

and mellow the fellow companions past what they stole

because they are not right, the accompany waste

and it is from their own taste

aye, I feel the whimsical nature of these beasts

and it is always with their eyes that they feast

upon the others, the simpleton brothers

as automation has relinquished their mechanic Mother

who puts them in motion, a wind of commotion

that steals me away from this present awareness

o yes, I am lifted, I see beyond the light

my awareness is of the fold, of the blight

I merge into a form beyond, and ancient tales do I bring in song

from along the current of energies source

can’t you see that the will is what we use to set the course?

so  as I tarry along, a simple eye wide open

can’t you see that our mind is the tempting rope-in

the wind, aye, what do you tell me my brother

is the temple seed a flower that marginalises others

or is it the source within, the essence flowing around

a circular motion that breaths through the sound

it echoes aloud that motion of the ground

and it storms through the current of the norms

Adrest! to the scorn

can’t you see the will is what was torn

the empty mind is now my blank  verse

listen to this opening of my hearts herse

I sense the pain of a billion years

it is like a sting that shatters the pelvis

coming from the central pinnacle

the cliff is where one may fall

the spirits wish the man at the top of the mountain

may suffer until he surrenders his all

yet they bug the system, you cannot win

for in this world the matter is a’kin

to a world where everything moves to fin

so as the light of time opens up my mind

o wait, is this my heart or am I too kind?

what moves me to this central rhythm?

this styling prison of torturous nights

alone, stark, hark, lark, my moments of sight

is where I am given vision into my realm of light

and can’t you see this is the moment of fright

I can develop and move beyond into the white

but can’t the colors mimic what is in my blight

it seems to be the the particular array

was a beaming light fast particle of particle display

it was moving up, down, central and left

yet this moment was were the current mimicked and blest

so what I do to test this version of self

is to relinquish the systems hold on the wealth

of the beings at the top, they must crumble and fall

like Adam before he met the currents of negative stalls

the current understanding of wires of direction

is what brings us to the tethering world’s token

it is smoken to see what is brining life

but it is also a moment of strife

for the winds of north seldom do let you know

that the winds of south are really slow

so what I see beyond this magnus opus

is that I am my own making composite

and I relinquish the tension of my inane mind

and flow from my heart in the tension of  time

this gun, a bullet, a time of world underkept

is were I come to feel that this place is under wept

but what can I say, I am the making way

stay in the path and feel the play


About up2quark

I rest with silence and awareness; believing in hope for a brighter future, I feel compelled to write any words that excite me in the spontaneous moments in life! So this is my work; hope you enjoy my musings.
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