Nothingness changing Heart

light swoon uponst a newsuince guise

were lies upon lies were seen in surprise

aye, what do I see, upon the realm of controversy

it is in heresy, to say the least; an iktomi

what comes and goes enters in particular currents

its form of nature raptures alive the blisses turrets

that shoot the beams of light to encapsulated souls

so they can at once feel that they are whole

Adrest! Lithuania aside, let me answer your riddle

for I am one who is always caught in the middle

of this, that, yours and mine

can’t you see I am the sunshine?

Photons racing like the sands of time

were all the thoughts are echoing sublime

it moves me to see that all these particles move

to a suite, a rhythm, a groove

so what I say to the giraffe of states

let me see who you are in a sign of fates

it has paradoxically came to be in fact

that our minds are nothing, our hearts intact

we have searched, found the soulless heart

developed walls that help control the fort

yet as the vicissitude has to be overcome

we can see in the light that we are all one

what I can say, liat flux, can’t you see the influx

of things come to be, past and future luck

it is Chance to reside in the passive bait

yet logos controls the meaning of dates

can’t the end be at hand?

o wait, the beginning is also in command

if I am the middle, both appear at once

can’t you see how the now stalls both fronts

that the walls of time control from the mire

that underneath was a love that cages desire

yet fierce this beast, control unreleased

of a way, a static problematic feat

so what I say, is that my heart is fixed

into a position that is currently mixed

but I know what I want, it is in my light

can’t you see that feary on the blight?

who gives me insight, compassion and stills

the moments where my body rushes in chills

overcoming the relationship bonds of central ideas

is were we link to our current of what feels

o yes, can’t you see the particular dress

that flowed like a radiant flower that is blest

it moves in reflection and gives sight to those

who are in light of those that transpose

to a higher mind, a heart of my emotion

can’t you see that I am caught in commotion

between compromising my thoughts of anything

yet something, aye, light, a spark, it comes

that hinder of walls collapsing, the feeling relapsing

patience is the key to what is happening

all life moves in a linear way, yet non-linear is the day

that the sun radiates its essence on me so in rays

war, death, control, breath

can’t you see the stillness of stealth

yet underneath this passive nature is a destroyer of Eros

a fate of Shiva who comes into my mind at fear-costs

I have wandered the desert, been to the highest mountains, swam the sea

yet everything is always inside of me

it knows that the angels, faeries, nymphs and satires

can’t to me in my life where I am stable and merry

can’t you see this new blissful state awakening

it is the energy of the current that is staking

a way, a path, a cosmic star

that is held in a land distant afar

what comes to be, is what is to be

as a connection connects me to connecting free

what I know is nothing, yet anything is possible

can’t you see that my life is impossible

to say the least, I am a non-controlled poet

flowing with my mind like the Tenth who knows it

yet reverse that number and you get the one

let me guess, you think this is Apollo fun?

so riddle me this, riddle me that

can I always were my own mad hat?

I should I capture the stars, voids, and beats

that twirl my mind into insane visionary feats

I need to channel the way, the distant of being

let me show you how to come clean

refresh your mind and feel the state

were you are in the dream of late

it comes and moves to a particular groove

and stillness is what moves

me from you

light through and through

an event of time moving us in

out, around and without

it comes to be without a doubt

that the current of Druidic form comes in front

of a way, a path, a stunt

yet I am no-identity, can’t you see my eternity

that is lots within the shell of my immortality

know all this, I have come to learn

that in this life it is my gift to burn

those around me, all apartments of paternity

yet I can sense this unique diction of unity

Unio Mystica, expellia magicia fun tuat

let this book relinquish the man from fruits

that control his will, let his mind be still

and allow the current of my work to feed his nil(s)

so that is me, current of nothingness redesign

what I know now is this song ends

let me see that gravity only bends


About up2quark

I rest with silence and awareness; believing in hope for a brighter future, I feel compelled to write any words that excite me in the spontaneous moments in life! So this is my work; hope you enjoy my musings.
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