dance heart alive, in time sublime, underneath the crime

flows a river, a Styx, fleeting Tribes

like the dance dead dusk dawn early

come upon now, we are worthy

to ascend higher, elevations

common relations due to interrogations

music’s nation innovation

like command hallucination, stillness composentation

of leading renditions to the Wizard rhyming edition

flow, stop, drow, got, halt, not, flow, what

switch it back to you, contagious lyrical flue’s

ill to the sick of fat the the bone

of ugliness that takes it home

the zombie fantastical crapsicle your baby loves

comes from if from breaking the glove

o yeah, that is the secret your family made

so take that one to the grave!

flow style wild and unstoppable

rehooping the loadable testable function’s top tables

that spin the dancers so elegantly to my flow

down the bills they give back to me

for my drow flow glowing brighter than neon lights

they don’t need another whip what wigga hap style not what rap

but in truth they use my old school skill perhaps

this message keeps me simple and lyrical

to the mystery of the mystical

the flow has caught me now

can’t you listen to the how in the what now

in the session i flow from another lesson you can take

shift your shoes into another’s

for goodness fate

for karma will ill’ spillin’ rhymes chillin’ online

is time blind’ by nil’ ni’ blue skies

yet turning green, ample to the scene

is your heart’s desire for more ludicrous green

the capital monetary value unheard

but formless is this inner world

to die tragic now I suggestion is to try your best.

but yo we ain’t done like the Sun, ever expanding lightning One

it is like a energy synergize of pinnacle vexation cessations of the mind

for in the Oneness I flow unstoppable to divorceable courses of Sums

like all is inside me and I am eating the apple’s kind

dark flow mysteriously low and gracefully so

its like the seeds we plant we harvest in sow

but sorrow has led the page to another level

because quantum placement is a bifurcation bevel

split in place, holding the Elect’s face

take another shot

for what not

you need more pills to riddle my plot


About up2quark

I rest with silence and awareness; believing in hope for a brighter future, I feel compelled to write any words that excite me in the spontaneous moments in life! So this is my work; hope you enjoy my musings.
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