I AM Ygraddisil

I speak to you in tongues

I come to you as another and now I take over your form

this is the place for others to see that the mind can be taken over in a single moment. the will of the user thus commands the self in a story that will prose itself into anything it wishes to be

then it comes to see that everything is essentially coming from the sea of awareness that lands upon the placement of a scape of area that helps define the place of home, the heart then thus expands into a free form and tribes together into what we need to know, then the coming of times and the learning of savage to natural to divine things. this is the progress of man

this is the progress of man

this is the progress of man

that man progresses backwards in his ideals

he sticks roots with old ways, but in old is the new and the new is in the old

so without the understanding of both

we can never understand one

what one is the complete place is that lake resides in the waves of the sea and come to live in the glow of reality after many days in the lakes catacomb

when the will comes into the wills of the user

the womb opens and the torrent hurricanes the cyclone of pain into a anguish of torture and then develops into a hope for many things to be

when we come to see what we know we really know nothing

so by allowing nothing to come

and to select a mood that is more fitting the to egolessness of time

then we can can vibe into the flow that is meant to be, with the single note of time

you can dance your set and step it up

then when you let it all out in your walk

the talk comes and expresses things in all ways

i can’t tell you anything particular

but these things never happen

o great now what you need to be is the same thing that is nothing

nothing to be and everything to see

can ‘t you see, that is perfect

the world at your liberty but nothing needed

that is the way of the ancient oaks

grow old

soak up the sun

spread acorns for everyone

then when comes the time to bring the oak to the central chambers

it allows us through the mines to come to Zion

deep caverns and lamps to these areas on Wizards know

the Adepts learn this knowledge early in life

but it is a path for one to know or to be

thus the dragon is a residency in each person’s shadow

this is the true form of all oneness

showing sides as one is the duality dissolution of realities primitive state of medical prelate.

times are moving ahead and already ahead are more countries then the west

but the west is a mistake in the makings of control

this is the empowerment of lights upon lights of years

now i know you wish me to echo the druids

the druids were a race that sprouted from Atlantis

this is proven

if myth can be found fact

than can’t a fact become a myth?

so this leads to see that if man still knows of things such as this

than this could still be that!?

but can’t see that that is still no this

so this is that and that is this

so all this exist!

but it is only an amount of time to understand this

but that leads to know that we will hold true to time

druids where energy fields of localized beings that formed into natural trees and sprouted from the staffs of ancient power. they first arose and let things of the sea and land to form them into clay, thus the tree became a sturdy home for the home of life.

then the wind flow love into the beings and consciousness of breath came to be, thus first Eden was subject to the land of men

when men came upon the land of time

it was like the druids knew things  beyond the scope of the crime

after adam messed up eden

which is proven thus again in the myth

for if druids are myths

bible is a myth

two myths?

what is right?

two sides fighting one?

so you see all that fallacy illogically

so many deep rows and meaning here you will see its like sprouting another side of reality

this time i have is so unique again i can see into the secrets of reality from entering in within the door, granted access i was, but now i am coming back, i feel i need to finish a few more things…

the thing you must see is the dragon holds only a relative source to the course of life

but each wizard knows to control his dragon

mine is green

the shadow i faced and escaped

now escaping shadows flying out of shadow nights light in the blight

come back to eden…

You need to know that Eden is a secret apple cherry blossom of lissome weather sacred power

it is the ambrosia of honey and soma

it flows in the land of milk and honey

there are accounts of Diodorus in Gaultic past tense; such as with Caesar…Or was it another?

past memories come back…

i don’t lack confidence

just to much at once!

all you need to know is the next time will be perfected to a sequence like this night.

Awen. Awen, Awen.


About up2quark

I rest with silence and awareness; believing in hope for a brighter future, I feel compelled to write any words that excite me in the spontaneous moments in life! So this is my work; hope you enjoy my musings.
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