touching mystery! eternal misery!

Doom gloom walks over eleven seas!

but worship constrained developing

to the lost Crevice; closer to penmanship

Orders Bards, Ovates and Seers

Eternal magic coming fear

Let go, move on, play a new song

This bard is now right all along

O thyne sting haunts thy petty slav

as many prevail comes through the grey

O Awen, cauldron spoken of Art!

Various soul’s compartment!

In the eternal Temple of Hecate!

Wolves on the run

Romulus and Remus

Tight to the formation

Stalking the prey’s destination

denying the light

prettiest sight

for prevailing dark ample pathways of night!

for the moon reflects night in all ways

as so such each howl reflect the play!

for doe’s run frantically around

as the wolves on the hunt sail sound

smell the wind! Intuitive fires!

burning desires! Words enliven stores!

Death to the knowledge quires

of quivers shooting arrow quiet

burning all the night! burning the Witches might!

Wake up night! For death is here!

Midnight Noon of eternal mysteries fear
I hold the passage to realms under and over

I can take you through the smolder

down to the centre

Where Zion melts the mentor

start the pyrites!

Start the choirs!

Weight a duck and hope for no fires

as burnt where many sent above!

olden days, forgotten systems

creatures luring examples picture

like daffodils that sway one season

for the change of Four is mentalities reason

this things I paint is not of today

maybe tomorrow

but if you feel it

you won’t!

Picture in the mind of Avalon’s sire

where queers held various plots required

to sail from the Island! Hold of the Roman’s

for in that realm, before the Titan’s held them

it was like a play of old songs

witches dancing everlong

petty sight upon the long

things that sing through this oracle

Soldiers, mark the ranks

take down the soldiers on the bank

O yes, the power of suchness has arisen

convert my spell into higher designs!

fire and magic, blink and cast

feral stabs of shields tass

now back forward, pikes to the mass!

let them take it further to outlast

Shield formation!

Steel resignation!

For the arrows hit to station

conversations of death

but many tarries took a way

the play, but as all held strong

the wrong was not put to prolong

the swords clash!

The tang of the ring

brings arising fear

like the death of the various steers

that took file from the weirs

so what I say!

The death!
Preach the way of the olden days

train the mind to be swayed

not to confused arrays

but displays of buds in May

The death of the ranks of men

Where the Franks of French’s plan

They held back Edward

They took with them the scouts

and ranked the plan from the mouths

of ancient witches

two to be precise

holding the lines with wind and ice

for in that realm

magic twas ready to splice

soul’s of ancient mystery miseries

common like the plant of destiny

for if one opens the books and denies freedom

then one banks on the open compound

pulling down, of the cyclone hurls

trying to purge the elements curl

but snakes and dragons

wise and old

red and white

terrible in fright

like the sight of death walking close

mouth open, like close night baits

so what we know is the best

is like a test for the foolish

but fools are wise

so they don’t demise

they craft plots in the higher realities

planes and cranes

lanes and pains

beams and teams

creams and seams

leaves and trees

bees that buzz

strum the love

for pollination is

honey’s soma’s dove

finally, i spit it real

like a Wizard bard I feel

but Whiches requires Seers

to be part of them

what do I say

soul contract in a way

gonna stay

play around in the fire for a bit

for who would live in a deathless pit


About up2quark

I rest with silence and awareness; believing in hope for a brighter future, I feel compelled to write any words that excite me in the spontaneous moments in life! So this is my work; hope you enjoy my musings.
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