War in Out

Ignite the forge! Temper the blades!

War time is here, shields with glaives!

The thief walks silently at night…

But each dawn is a new day of light!

The Lion will rest with the Lamb

And the Wool fleeces itself over the sheeple

Mass media propagating useless propaganda

To keep us locked up in their prison

Where we have to concentrate

in the potential of the human race
Missiles! Changes of Havoc Rocks!

Volcanoes of danger! Abyss swallowing!
Stones of man coming through Mushroom

Clouds that don’t give any rain

Just essential atom splicing pain!

The Thief walks through the shadows shapes

as he takes like a trickster, he shows gaps

between what is not this and not that

so he can become innocent himself from what

pursues him from the first cursed nurse

o well, charmers wrong on innocence harm!

As the awakening rays of the shame

Rainbows through emerald glades!

The Lion has become gentle with Tao

Experienced in the now

That is what we think in the how

But why have we become so stupid now?

Its like the intelligence is below a strategic clown

Like the Wool that fabricates the illusion

so much Truth lost in what people call Delusion!

By keeping it in the system

We promote the deeper the cistern

For the well’s of ambrosia run deep

As deep as Tartarus’s owned flagged keep

This is where time becomes and sums

You up into the ghost of some

But many ghost walk the land like the dead

So remember, the hungrier you are, the more

you must be fed

So fed by the spoon by media’s cocoon

Is how the system works to delegate new buffoons

how corrupt is the system

War again! War against what?

War against others? Against Self?

A story of one’s own wealth?

Or does the war take on another flight

that comes through the dark night?

Blades are now Words

Splicing ignorance or knowledge


a higher state of being

but the rate is proportional

the more good

the more bad

think about that lad

For the power has shifted into the Voice of Muse

that only comes from the difference in the time we use

all the various forms that express and confuse

the men of time and the time of men

but when does the singularity pull us in?
Well this verse is just a version of than

About up2quark

I rest with silence and awareness; believing in hope for a brighter future, I feel compelled to write any words that excite me in the spontaneous moments in life! So this is my work; hope you enjoy my musings.
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