paved by the way, to path uncertain, glorious praise!

for knights bequeathed the realm gallantly

as elegant soldiers foreseeing free!

pine away my old son, for petty guise have lost

me unto the timeline once again!

Yes, who is this I see

a crystal of complacent heresy

denied was I from sanity

madness a choice was given

to know the sour lick of men

or to engulf in the full fruit

for Summerlands waited for me to enter and dance

trees whispering forest like meadows

like answering calls of the Falcon

it races from the highest peak

to the lowest astral breech

death inside! yes the prize !

I fought the thousand

dragons of time captured me

but I saw the cages

I pulled Yggdrasil with my might

upon the petty wages pages

thus then I came to invocate the power of ascension

i’ve just lost track

and then we come back to the third

eye that sees before, all, yet tall

I can substation my essence confalled

for Merlin dances in madness again

everywhere I am, but nowhere I be

coming to know that all is free

so what we sense in this trance

is that the motion of everything, ground, sound

is ethereal substance now, unbounded from the chain

but great keys are what drive people insane

for how could the access of all things

be given to such a simple mind?

transverse along this path of collecting dust

for in the skulls of bones we see the death’s touch

like a harpy that flew and stun me with the deepest pain

but the nymph came to me under Dians name!

the long ended prophecy

the secret formula of time to elixir

alchemical sets of mathematical proportions

thus then I can set you rate

by knowing you quantum state

so what we see is many things of the past

but many things of the future

it is all in the eye of the beholder

and with one I I see with two

but two becomes a few and thus then millions

count towards the higher figures

so soothing the music of love

doves and fawns and every real Jove

like we wish a certain way life would be

but then natural selection fee

I see the round, table, sorrow, pain,

the chairs are broken, the knights unnamed

the magic underneath

the vortex of excalibur

the fields of roaming daffodils

like the petty daisies upon the friar’s head

to forgive lest scorn to amend!

i see the knights calling each others name

in pain

dying in vain

flames around



all Rome came for the tall speech

crafted in tree nooks long ago

was the simple Ogham secret code

but alas

the Romans took all that was

to preach the name before the once was

this Eden was lost forgotten and escaped

but this is where Seth rose innate

can’t you see, Druids still prophesied the line

and this is my entrance dance online

but many self-fulfilled things come true

just be the truest you!

About up2quark

I rest with silence and awareness; believing in hope for a brighter future, I feel compelled to write any words that excite me in the spontaneous moments in life! So this is my work; hope you enjoy my musings.
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