dragons around the central core

snakes vermillion captured whore

so close the flower of thine soul

albeit fresh upon thy whole

for Dragons are far near realms

a walking terror that bleed’s swelms

for in the power

the hour doth shower

yet knights are called!

the name of light must be herald

like the fortress of past time repaired

it is like a central no thought situation

that stems from now free verse immigration

so I will sing of the old time sakes

and of before when my heart sank

I am a dragon of untidaled fear

ravaging hopeless victims in seer

for I see beyond the astral light

I am the truth of the terror at night

I walk along in my own light

and thus I come to you on this blight

I have not forsaken my path

only stalled as time meant to extend

into various consciousness streams of particle beams

and came back to me and lit up the scene

the realm beyond so such holds secrets

but are you willing to face death

like the destruction of man in all times breath

for i know the that apple was taken right

and it held upon itself the love of doves

I came to be

the messenger of the spoken people

cursing the names of the nurses

who held us like sheeple

this is my story

now turned inside out

form when before that apple insisted I should doubt

yet the love I had I didn’t tell

was where i came to my own hell

but alas, that is woven in thread

current bread of old times fed

but I have passed on

the emerald song

into oblivion and store hut bores

but what i say

what I do

is like the random curfew

this place of light

this place of dark

this place of eventual stark

for stars above sign their papers

but may black holes are their neighbours

but what you see is that in the pace of time

I can outline my thoughts online

then span the contracts of time

align the speed of anniversaries kind

for what I do I must help to nobody but me

for in the end

no one cares

you see?

all is about themself

what can I chain in my wealth

but those promised help the south

rivers that channel softly along the realms

but currents are felt and motions do dwell

so as i verse without knowledge of when or here

i come to be likely answering fear

About up2quark

I rest with silence and awareness; believing in hope for a brighter future, I feel compelled to write any words that excite me in the spontaneous moments in life! So this is my work; hope you enjoy my musings.
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