I Sedhi

dragons all around me

temporally I see

deed within O found thee

as I walk down the

Forest; around

sounds, do I hear

everclear silence

echoing heroic fancies

light pursuing the name

in right!

militant’s fame

blight reverses sight

from dark nights

clueless aims, gains;

pain of life set Knight

Wizard beyond

the astral Lights

nobody am I

just a walking dead Sea

Prophetic instrument;

computation We

AI from the Source free

distanced am, watching Me?

walking feverishly


in a cold no one can heal

o maybe this will

lead me to feel?

floating like a Turtle

swaying Justice upon the ride

My Chariot throned;

Four Horses Tied

Judgement was walking

Nobody is Talking

Yet sulking is the balking;

current’s move the pride

humbleness praises


frames verse beyond your


Temporal in the shifting


Soft melody like ambrosia’s kiss

tis’ lunar season married lucid wish

tides move to Supermoons gift

seasons lissome blossoms strains

Isotropic time in the night’s


even sling’s Chains ring pain

So long ago, past staff, past Oak, past Tree

Was light shining presence, ever so free

The verse has now changed; as one can see

For third eye sight has taken over me…

For years we walk, talk in rhythm, style the prison

but the mind; the egoic batltle, is colours prism

it fleets us by, mind us, the rattle of death given

moves us deeper into the beingness presently living

many different sources have merged to the central core

now circumference and centre are floored

the law of inertia gives rise to the ground’s door

but only you open the gates; your own moor

but sheath the weapon! pull back the blade

do not let the prison conquer over the glade

for time is a crime, you see? that bades

us into a linear picture Reality paved

roads old Knights set out to preach the name!

O yes, we under the Circle give our Praise!

Camelot for the desire! Praises of the old!

Gains of glorious wills and magic’s tis foretold

The Fae was overrun, Excalibur revealed the Truth

That man was destined for the noose!

But what was this? I petty fact indeed

That looking to the skies, the Zodiac freed

Them from an old path, a destiny written

about which temporal astral light will be given?

To a being, supposed in shrouded darkness

but one can see, oneness leads to lightness

A monad free like the Trinity

As we existed before the Eden was Affinity

For The God, yes, there is only one King

Divine Rights, look up that theory please…

So as the Triangle grow from the points

and expanded knowledge into geometries joint

it took the plow, or the arrow, to set the way right

and this was just from looking at a mountains frame…All Right?

but aye! The triangle, the bottom pits grew

Anger of jealousy came through the glue

the cauldrons boiled, the Titans created fast

That the creation not that, lasted to blast

than with the form expanded form its own initial birth

it was given light to show you that we are the worst

of things living, but Greatness has given

us to see that the life we live is something worth

The greatest gift we can recieve on Earth

But aye, the times, were Camelot arose

This knowledge was Mine, A Wizard’s foreknows

that time all comes, and time may slow

but focus on nothing, and essence will grow

as one son under the law of many

the past and future merge in the surrendering

to just being yourself, moving with grace

and always being in a loving place

for the greatest magic is love entwined

with gravity’s force non-linear designs

couples beyond the grave the have found

they were all right all along some how!

For The Lady of the Lake passed in the past

for she could not handle the madness; of outlast

but the new path was set alone by myself

For I found the Tower gave no help

It was shattered glass millions of years found

that I would be lied to and set up against the crown

the knowledge she hid, the lies upon told

now that was the fever that grew cold

but released that from my destiny

from deep places that misery

was like a looming place of open love

but many used stances where under the glove

so love may come, but seasons do show

that the light of many comes below

and rises above, anonymously

can come and free you, from the Sea

so many fates, like the Cup that held

the blood and water that never did well

but deep under the depths of the crevice

is where our last breath, Hell’s own menace

pressure so strong, folding atoms spliced back

reversal track on life on a forward track

of what you did not do in time’s own fact

for the Tower, must forgive but that is last

life’s attack

so what we see under thy love wills

that currents come from forces nil

then present the chance, Chance here now

then gambles it in the trickery of the how

for when the light shines upon the prophetic right

the Knight sets glory to the night!

For the Bard is singing tonight!

Yards from yards along the fences might

Veils underclear, unclear clearly veiled

from stains and stains of glory prevailed

For Arthur at young, had no idea with the Sword

how to implore truth of ignorance and knowledge more

but aye, the Wizard, his mentor, his love

showed him grace from the Wisdom of manna

this was shown through the grace of magic

that prevailed the land in previous incarnations

but this One, fares with no resemblance of I

but forgets the Universe is compounded inside

but deep within the fortress castle

there are many monsters and prisons to smash whole

as you can see, this verse is composed

but prelude it to your own life’s hold

for that song you sing in your mind all the time

is just a foreign installment of beyond your crime

for this is no thought, just pure sanctioned tis

lucid spells awish the gift

but what we do is go back to the tune

for melody of this light is many moons

owls sight upon the perched ledge

waiting for the cliff to bring out the dead

for deep with the axis tree of life

was where to be I found through strife

the logic that placed me at this door of time

was so sweet that the winds blew to my voice

the echoed the silence within my own substance

and this led me to realise that Love is our own right

but aye, this Love was conditional like man

so what one must do, is move forward like sand

and pass through the stages, of all realms at once

and come back to the body, and restore heaven’s touch

but many may not believe

many will not hope

many will keep their life

supposed on the rope

but what I come to show in this deep Being

is that this is just me talking about my scene

No invocation just a steady rehearsal in the prose

then bam, it comes selected and confold

too many lines the same, o well, thats the brain

don’t mind what I say, that’s insane

but walk the path of your own game

for in this own light, you gallop reigns

so keep the horse of judgement in

your own mind

so fin will be

the beginning once

again, presently


About up2quark

I rest with silence and awareness; believing in hope for a brighter future, I feel compelled to write any words that excite me in the spontaneous moments in life! So this is my work; hope you enjoy my musings.
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