Peace or What?

what do we, have in the end, other than War or Peace?
death reaches, preaches, and sends Words afar

for as we know, this is the end, atomic release

from our Soul’s nonlinear inner keep!

Cauldron’s holding the mistakes, some may weep

boiling stew, eyes and guts gew, mixed piece

bubbling till the evening noon; Witches fly soon

from Catacombs underneath men; when?
Doth thyne will sting from Zion’s plan!?

Swords appointed unto the Son of Man

anointed the Golden Bowl; a prophesy command

for deep scythes had breached my Inner War

from the store of inner wisdom; living in a Kingdom

of Self-Taught Realization from BridgeWay

arches the dance refreshed off a single ray

philo for meaning, now rocking the old school traits

select dates, programming essential fates

time-lines to surrender in grace

for in the race; put the echo sound the the check

for that is the riddle; Silence is the Echo of the Word

Fjords crossed! Ambrosia likened to my Wool

Captured fabric and now I disperse through the Abyss

Captured the veil’s need; was then, now is when?

So I silence, but the silence mirror’s nothing;

so nothingness is silence own silence

so thus then The Word becomes by realizing


To be nothing, perchance to sling the songs

of merrygold and everlong bays of coastal tides

Summerlands of nymphs fairies and the like

dancing in another cauldron for the White

but the prelate only comes through the motion

that when in commotion many fluctuations have

interfered with the pathways the must

comes and test in the West, North blows Cold

for the Wind is Harsh and doesn’t harbour things foretold

Rows and fields, rice and flowers

gains of manna and herbal showers

hours on hours the days eternity

releases into nothingness where essence is free!

like relativity from a point of your soul

but just connection to all things

gravity’s role to the bending will of man

that mind of God never bends

for he is the Sun

The heat for our When

For in this light; all is happening then


About up2quark

I rest with silence and awareness; believing in hope for a brighter future, I feel compelled to write any words that excite me in the spontaneous moments in life! So this is my work; hope you enjoy my musings.
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