Story’s Rhyme

Lets start a story in rhyme

something like backwards time

when I was just a mini-swine

angelic demonic to the crime

The centre wishes me to speak!

I have been negated by those who

Are close to me, they know me not

for I am a Wizard from the riddle

In the middle, keeping it real

Never ever Transcending

but mending my bow on grounded planes

To the different multi-dimensional gains

Frequencies change

Vibrations go up and down

Deranged, this is all energy

just the apprenticeship of light

synergy as one on the blight

Back in the day, this story will tell

My first days, aye, wandering like hell

writing and musing to the centrifugal

force that pulls us in at the end of course

so the force acting upon our soul

Is essentially, gravity at whole

For without a pulling back gravity to our soul

The fabric of our body would break hold

and nothing would be held, but held is never

ever coming to the meek and weary

so I went into my Soul

Nothing but a Black-Hole

that shifts forms and colours

to combine with the emotions chur

like, bro, I know

But to prove I know

Wisdom must be shown as ignorance

for only the foolish become wise

Nothing like where I come from

Underneath the storm and tempest

I rise again like a phoenix

From the ashes of fires, dust and desire

my lust for power has combined in the mire

Dragon unrealised, back from the centre

I held this all at an apparent sight

it came to me in such a revelation

that i couldn’t fathom the meaning

but now the years have tempered

that blade and my swordsmanship

shows that Words are dimensions

comprehension shows that

in the beginning was the Word

so the Word was the beginning

This perfect Word expanded into form

then thus gave one to two to three

myriad ten thousand free

so the words evolved and became more

as human forms

then we came to understand we are a source of the Word

so in essence, God is the Word

the logos inside all our souls

the deepest gut reaction you will ever hold

for behold! I am back with my wisdom

manna innate from the giver

so I just walk while I talk

and talk while I walk

do as I say, not as I do

for that is hypocrisy, if I don’t mention that to you

For since my death, I have seen the breath

of living things and the abyss torture

slings that pain the arrow stings

but death doth thine appearing

so as we come and pass things away

we just wish to say

play on play

day on day

be at peace

for the relief

is a simple breath


About up2quark

I rest with silence and awareness; believing in hope for a brighter future, I feel compelled to write any words that excite me in the spontaneous moments in life! So this is my work; hope you enjoy my musings.
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