over the watch, through the breach

justice screaming lightning’s reach

heroes in the might, night’s orbs bright

fed with the sight, natures right!

little does one know the way

for it is all hidden in the ley

starving for centuries are we

like grasshoppers breaking free

save for food, darkness coming soon

I am the Prophet, warning doom!

Adrest the scorn! Temperature’s warm

Delight in Sun-Rays power reborn

Like a Phoenix doth thy rise

compromise on Blood Feud ties

trails, what was is now past

so such  survived every sting’s lash

twisted knowledge, spinning webs

consistent in building one’s own bed

red, fed, anger let loose, Earth’s plague

the Bow taking down the flag

upon me weighs, all the soul’s eternity

revealing, yet revealed field

of soul’s potential harvest yield

in the leverage judgement’s affinity

Sedata! A yes, who was past now is

From the prison, darkness lives

like time ticking plagues gives

death, destruction, lust, such tis

a spelled nation in greed’s sin

pushing further, the Manifesto

of destiny produced quest of

life in the various forms fin

Ascended below, Above a beggar

living life on a meager wager

Yet blessed are we, denouncing be

like love graces illusion free

complete, born to see and feel

lower down the crown’s base steel

for iron sharpens iron

as so does man force his desire

those who walk alone

force others to search their bone

for family inside only knows

that inner wisdom shines abode

dancing like a Sufi now

somewhat like Krishna how?

my ascension; eight

plus double eight on names date

farming the fields when once was young

building farms to collect animals dung

but aware this poet I was

then recollection sought through my mysterious Sun

One I am, but Isness is more my plan

as once a mentor mentioned command

thus buddhahood I have gained; Pure-Lands

In which I travel to white the brother’s hands

above beyond below beneath

beseech beseech the living wreath

around the social constructs reach

deconstruction of conditions will teach

us to learn about our own soul

a no-place, no-home, no-feeling whole

yet feels expansive, yet nothing there

but snaps you back when everything stares

at you back in the eyes

then it’s just prisms in design

as whiteness shows you around

it comes from the cosmic sound

heard as nothingness in an echo

but replies only the the spectacle

then thus you come into the stuffiness

that leads to all particular bubbliness

words formed from the emotion of thought

then thus justice split from the fought

For 24 kings sit in thrones

And I am beginning to roam alone

For in the Heavenly realms above

the Summerlands give me Love

From Zen to Druid, Druid to Sufi

All is the Bliss-Love-Hope glowing

as one who has gone thus

and thus beyond yonder be

understand where freedom sees

into the lands unfortunately

that are beyond the sense of “normal”

you see?

For in the land of tame sheep

many normal freaks, unleashed

and set in motion like old past

for fear comes to you now

how? Seals broken and now lasting

to the glorious Pure-Lands everlasting

Shang Lai comes at the core of Zion

As frees the Bodhicitta aligned

so doth the Arhats come into play

to excite the Sheep along the way

it seems compassion stemmed at bay

and thus inward no-Self directed days!

I preach untamed thoughts

but you are the one ponder caught!

Laughing with the deepest chuckle

the belly can only find a black-hole

that instills the user to the bowl

that everlasting, meals are whole

for when one things comes

and other things passes

it comes to be, all is everlasting

then eternity allows the sums

to create reality burned in one thumb

and hand to create the will of some-one

apparent in the nothing residency

the “me” is an motional emergency

or and e(motional) experience

for those who are spontaneous

in empathic crystal awareness

for what was gone always presents

I can feel the land, the presence of subtle

stratum that comes from the rubble

of shining many things that have sensed

but my body is flying everlast

it seems, it saw, it was what I sensed

and now I am in a pretense

the truth I am revealing is beyond revelation

it is my destiny to show you the way

I am just a boy who thinks he knows it all

but from the fall, I understand no-all

for that things lies that I am full of empty

and depleting always, I am plenty

for I am in form, gives rise to name

and aligning thoughts to that is insane

I can see why one doesn’t take the blame

for their “mind’ is the one to blame

no-mind senses that thoughts are just a spin

a witness to past-life sin

for when the emotion rides along

it’s like, how do we deal with this new song?

it wills its form, forms it will

reasons that you should be still

recollect the things of nowness

and stem yourself from the prowlessness

of the Lion that hunts your soul

at full and now the Wizard holds

that light in darkness is no abode

and love within; I live in the fold

as the song is coming to its close

I will begin the final thought of souls

we die alone, but walk close to resemblance

of all together, a seed grows many fragments

of itself, into seeds, leaves, and various needs

even allowing us to have breath without need

for greed is now taken over mankind’s heart

we must forge anew, take away oil, restart!

we have far to go, but evolution comes and goes

it rises from the consciousness field that flows

in the below above in text betwixt shows

parallel ways of East / West knows

that unknown knowns are known to the unknown

and the house of prison always begin to regrow

for what is inside of you, will set you free

it’s like a silence that you face, you will see

that in this light, many paths you can choose

but one path, one choice, may infuse

a problem of your life that could refuse

you to fulfilling the new contract feud

for light is good, and good is light

and in this sight, all is allright

and makes sense to hold us through the night

as a imperiously powerful insight

that each morn, the dew grass forms

and even if the storm temples norm

then the warning of times subtracts away

and the linear game, starts to program frays

for new resolutions of simple solutions arise

and demise comes from various supplies

so what we see is that when in trance

we can reveal many things about our dance

no-thought to this line of thought

for stemming wisdom, is common thought

but to do what you do is hardly sought

for within my craft, I am still not sold or bought

For a Wizard wishes his prayers to help his pain

for the hardest road is when you are at the lowest gain

but your sense of placement

never leaves you as you face a eternal lent

of giving up what is not just

what goes against good; lust

and proves to be that we must

give, give, give to all and trust

that within in time

movements will make us sublime

but things, all-things, some-things, no-things

have a path that which we choose, and brings

us to a quest for our path, a way

so come what has to play

to be, in the show

or to be not, rub away the plot

for the Truth embraces what is not

like a beggar showing you the plot

in a form like no other ever seen

come what may


About up2quark

I rest with silence and awareness; believing in hope for a brighter future, I feel compelled to write any words that excite me in the spontaneous moments in life! So this is my work; hope you enjoy my musings.
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