Rhyme in Time

i’m writing this rhyme in time

a revolution of syntax pollution

prose’s smog clogs in the air’s signs

prophet to the no-effect, common solution

ordinary ways, arrogant some say

can’t hold me down, no more, one Clown

around town, holding it down, in the play

of hollow bamboo’s and flute’s that sound

feverishly cool, but colder than hot

right on spot, hit that rhyme on top hatch

common draft underneath a nuclear blast

surviving in the tunnels, o crap, government caught

first made nothing, thought I could keep it real

but o the money spent, got nothing

how can the make ya feel?

Sometimes when there’s no memo, -something

comes and flows into the real, ain’t a dream if nothing’s real

dream upon awake is slept, crept alone and wept

but revolution alone and precipitate

into all forms, radiate into all that reveals

the ways, hero, zero, sublime no fact loser

poser to the PO, neither this nor that

chasing nothing, trippin; yo i’m fine closer

to that which is not in the hat, for reason’s flat

back then, no dream, but a dream alone I saw

revealed to me in the riddle

silence away took me into my mind and gnawed

and me in the fire’s on kindle

back when I went into the chaotic state

I prevelate into the  dates of all fates

then dates revealed to my essence the baits

that come as a logo estate

this tail comes slow but evolves now

when i was in

i couldn’t even express fin

within fin din neither kin of win

although, face to face with death

grace to blackness, fools revealing sight

of selfless homeless sight

back to that

homeless in the hat

then revealed i came to be their

so sound everclear

my body shifted to by that place

and now i just rhyme in time it flies

like I crie and then I die inside to all things

sublime that the things close and slyly

comes and goes into the slings

but i say,  but I say

I wake up now, still awake, coming at you from the North, not south

I do nothing but flow it real, keep it G to the zeal

authority to the negativity upon revelations scene

like a horse with for deathless aboddondon riding free

comes the imagination abundantly

running through the city,  in my chairiot’s rickadieer

so senseless i Come clear into the law

boom, zap, cling, zang

I am writing ordinary now, so many songs come about

shouts ego death to the mouth of all the things that come shouting

hey look, how did you get here

this reason left those opposing

to the reality sedating

can’t flow my self more real

I couldn’t even

ride through the system

of the abyss cistern

yo, yo yo yo

run the rules, capture what flaws

then draw, capture new

rewind, rewind, fly through

then step anew

one one two two through

back and forth

riddle north

south aparts

then comes to the Heart

but we  come back to this

a perfect circle reality tis

appeasing this song of chaos interwoven lyrical syntax gibberish

I am just writing like I don’t know what happens

but the karma just comes and rides to the bars

then it’s just a freestyle while i flow to cars

that just pass me by like words and faraway stars

that comes into linear concepts i rhyme scars

and the wounds tell me about you

what would you do for me to you

to heal through and through

i’m just rhyming in the rhyme

you can’t hold the time in the time aligned and sustained

by aim of aimgain on gain and sustains

like aiming the claw

I am not your GOd

but I am the Rod

Is it what I do or you do to me reality?

Is it like an illusion written apparently?

for me to see and you to guess

or is is Reality, Ultimately

should you just be kind

your mind, needs help slowing down

and never approaching a direct slow down

this condition was what was happening

then it came apparent to the things that do

then it slowed into apparent reality claws

that happened to be selfless


i am gone

nothing apparent

in my reality



i am just a verse now

writing in the soundcloud

i fly

above beyond

the things


i can sing about in all the realities

but i just flow








of the throne

and now i’m taking flying charts of astral marks

along coastal embankments and coastal reaches

and various peninsulas of glorious strata

and biospheres growing in delight

what an apparent asteroid sight

then it just comes out bie in white

the time has deleted upon me to relate

the fates of the empire is too late

the wall is like a zeal of time

and the seal is the first death of all mankind

it’s like trumped the card is sweet

the time is laid and the payment set

to flee from him we must and will

or death ensues from the south

it is insured and willed

in the prophecies of st.john

you can see

that if you can have this million broke notes that i spill

you could chill and realize still that this is just a lid these spills just come and flueljunty


realize now here that it just comes through me to tell you nothing

but just randomly beat the seat i am on for i am just depressed into everything

can’t sleep, awake all the time

no more pills just get through the hard times

sublimes path uwind

now i’m down

no more sound from this clown

just hitting rock bottom forever

then i come and be see and you will

then i did did did I

About up2quark

I rest with silence and awareness; believing in hope for a brighter future, I feel compelled to write any words that excite me in the spontaneous moments in life! So this is my work; hope you enjoy my musings.
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