Sound’s Abound

circle down, down sound, around town bound

from  centerless cycles, to abyss’s white-hole

Where form still exists; just colours split

in a dark place of “I don’t know”

The Best of the Blue Project

Comes through, blue true, what do I do?

Listen to the depressive state’s flue

of emotional clarities sightless clue

For every morning; Water forms dew

it has no form; just a flow with without

for it absorbs, collects, and storms

into collective norms; hurricanes forewarned

volcanic temperature, different dissonance

dissolution diligence

Wiping the Anima Animus through and through

in the fresh water’s slow freezing brew

Fresh, so fresh, the ambrosia of the dew

grass refreshed, like every morn singing true

I collect, suspect, like a neglected cosmic warrior

but why bother; seems meaningless to search

for searching searches the searchless

for isness only comes to those in suchness

It is willed beyond, from yonder be it is!

As it is, so things shall pass

into all forms, for in this essence

The First Words are spoken Last

Last comes first, Sources split Worse

Angelic Wars, Demons spawns of different Hosts

like collective ghosts, searching purgatories worst

nightmare of souls, who harbour their own shell

from each form, they can’t escape hell

in this cocoon, waiting for the butterfly

some just stay in and die; or learn to fly

so what I say is; stay alive

For life of color is form and senses fait

even if some souls are logo’s bait

In the past; Sedata, but now I am free

from messes, the Abyss’s undercurrent

led me into constant chaos

For who I was, past then and shall

Was lost in the Fuzz

Atom’s so precise like ripples

of Sound from Adam’s mouth

Little does one prowl into the North of things

for in the higher realms; there is no sting

but when one comes down

the fall is harder than going lower to ascend

for the greatest pain; is the greatest gain

if one sets his sights to Heaven’s Aim

Order’s frame, Harmony with all Beings

and sentient creatures that live

For in this, we can see that those who give

are just versions of ourself and God’s sleeve

For the hand of God Reaches far into space

and the broken two pillars are Samson’s place

so if we can make water wine

why throw pearls before swine

I forgot to lose myself

O wait, never faded just jaded

Like the greatest emerald ever found

for search was underground!

Zion’s cause, what a joke

now the clause is another toke

for the burning bush, a land of Kush before

held sway to plans anore

but plans to be, plans are set, plans are

various forms and frets

To end now we will see

one hates to be out of Reality

but to be in suspects a fatality

but never see that Ego is the way

For surrender leads to day!

So sight for some; apes for others

Monkeys and minds and small anons

So be at peace


Photosynthesize releases peace

About up2quark

I rest with silence and awareness; believing in hope for a brighter future, I feel compelled to write any words that excite me in the spontaneous moments in life! So this is my work; hope you enjoy my musings.
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