slow the vibe, blank verse time

rolling online like one in the crime

up-down down-up throughout all mine

we are riding, to the flow, can’t you see?

see you, yes we can, remote view through

leaving now, astral flight somehow?

above beyond, yonder be

essentially, free from wound’s Sea

a Paternity false, not my Father;

so why would I listen?
Not even gonna bother

anon way, divorce plays the split

different, to the magick

coming at you now with a verse

non-rehearsed, composed first

in the Tenth, the muse is a Curse

yet blessings shower in birth

Don’t complain, you want War?
Take me again, let us see the Bar

That will take you out

The Golden Rod no doubt

Like a Golden Child living years

got nothing on my side to fear

for Honesty has always been clear

motto, in my near-sighted gain

con-artist to the maximum’s name

in the attic, smelling We

suppressed unconsciously

eventually, object will show the mind

that we are all of one kind

Just trying to grow a vine

from beyond our time

no one cares

cares about no one

self-evident in the predicament

The world doesn’t give a fuck

about your


Your bliss

Heresy through gossip around the central core

Lies upon lies on pages stored

I can see the vision of the Court’s rule

but ya’ll just jester’s, I’m ain’t no fool

For Wizard’s rule, magick holds complete

this is not my first life; it’s on repeat

set up the standard for you to see

that all of me isn’t not in you

For my Father doesn’t bother

with the hope of teaching another

He taught himself; now he’s wealth

But lost minds are your kind

delusional into the problematic

static dynamic hysterics

like a bat never leaving the cave

your conditional reality won’t save

so come to the side of the brave

Deranged you think

But it ain’t me on the brink

always writing new ways to sink

your own son, can’t you even think?

That you left your own family

I thank the Lord I followed his path

For your a joke, you can’t even last

in your own Words, for the fickle World

doesn’t give a fuck about your loneliness

I am over shit, but the past comes again

and The Lord Loves Justice, so what’s his plan?
Blueprint arising, let us face it all at once

For would I listen to man?
Or listen to God’s own touch…

About up2quark

I rest with silence and awareness; believing in hope for a brighter future, I feel compelled to write any words that excite me in the spontaneous moments in life! So this is my work; hope you enjoy my musings.
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