Calm Seer

basic rhythm flow, syntax glow, orbs white bright shows

like lightning blasts, nova casts, cell’s waste hatch

like bacteria from the primordial soup

where I come with this e’coup, duped from the tune

singing through the how, now killing feeling rhythm time

align in the crime, suspects, in the line of rednecks

who pour literary remarks into political checks

of balances that the controversy should let

one come back, attack, rewind, swine-yard full of time

break it down, sound surround, in the town of clowns

who just go around with the jin, vodka, and fin

then just roll and drop, feeble at all costs

like a chimpanzee who don’t know, but casts the first shit

at his brother; indifferent, flow from the split

like the Power the came and showered us, willing it

to the Zeus of goats, notes, songs, rhyming schemes timed

in like beams, from a Solar Blood moon screen

One, two, check it, new flue, same rhythm, different stew

got it, but lost it, found it, but somewhere caught it

yet brought it, sought naught fought it

around the reason’s riddle new, take a breath of fire for

now, thrilled, willing killing time in the seeing seering fires

of time living in the bar set doing one twenty to the let

of the maximum speed I can flow at in this spit

rhythm rolling like a man on fire; desire to reach the top higher

but can’t use all the same words, but you see, same tune, buya?

To a con-artist, yet honest, ain’t telling no lies

since I break it down, for my own sound, like an echo aloud

for when I have no friends, except my own substance of within

that feeds the centreless whole of the toroidal soul

like bringing back the pain to the Tao’s name, one more refresh

eventually, then the central sun, sons will come from Zion’s breath

nor locust, nay death, but death riding horses neck

was a nobody then, nobody now, nobody furthermore

Sedata to the end, long live the glorious friend

evermore, I ain’t speaking aloud, glowing to a new flow now

okay okay okay, I’m still here, rocking in without everclear

for no drink, but the Water turned to nothing

something like a thinking mission, ain’t gonna lose, seer

the things that are in effect, like the missions respect

but there are some things you can’t even flow to, neglect

comes from the sorrows, but borrow another tomorrow

for in the now, it does not exist; only a moment

of literary containment, or thoughtless prison containment

I write that, to show the understanding of the point

that the more you think, the longer you are linked

to your mind, then the Mind has control and synced

to the things, like the relating things that come to me

in this thing like beats, then coming and random forces

courses for particulars and verses that speak himself

like this one coming from a high low below the high self

like nothing but a story from time’s own wealth

what more do you want, I spit it like I got the stealth

of a bomber, yet nothing like a flying calm seer

from when I form the berth of self

I dissolve it into nonlinear healths

and just write these things for births

into the fame, the game, the name that is not mine

for alive the bugs try to eat me alive

yet surviving like the parasitic flue comes and dews

upon the natural random switcheroo

what can I say, flying through

can’t contain what comes new membranes

thought osmosis bubble cosmos

like the olden days of the Word, wild shots, but taken

ol’days, written these songs

for no one

About up2quark

I rest with silence and awareness; believing in hope for a brighter future, I feel compelled to write any words that excite me in the spontaneous moments in life! So this is my work; hope you enjoy my musings.
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