Lord of The Ring

the song runs a steady stream through

time, as each river

move towards the oceanic peril

of misery, death, darkness, looming

over the ever present watchful

eye, seeing all that

which is, and

which is not

the plot, spiders spin deceit

in webs, moving home

to a captured nuisance


Sound the Trumpets!

The Tower has broken!

The fall of man is now!
For how? How? Could we

reduce ourselves to this

pitiful and disgusting way?


It is time! Scream rings the anvil!

Swords are now bullets

Bullets are now running

Towards the misery

Towards the death

Towards the dark sky

Towards a las breath!


Can’t you hear the end? It is

in the very lines that run

from a single brook

to a current that washes away

all things, all moments, gravities play

O yes, we can see, we can see

Moria, moria, reduce, reduce!


O but no, the simple daisy flying true

like the clear blue sky noon!

It’s whisper over the fern

Is that the way, yes, the way is in turn


Who now comes? Now coming who?
Is the turn, centuries, forbidden?

Or is this just misgiving? No

The way walks it’s own path

and the desolate walker’s dream

in past memories

of sunken sullage

draining down, to turn the tide

like gastrophy inside


Run fields! Flowers bide your time!

Darkness is running the yield tonight!

Let no light go out, no first born blood

upon the door, to enter

Which one?


Only One way in, through Moria

Moria, the death of the kin

goblins, trolls, darkness within!

like Dragon’s holding treasure white

inside captures perilous blight

songs in time, death doth ring the well

for present hell, swells, swell, swells


Opening to portal, seen! Capture!

Rapture! With our own, Relapsing!



What rings doth we hear? The Heart?

Is it true? Is it in start?
O yes, the time for War, overriding hatred

kill all who are in waiting


Fresh, flowers, grow from the reigning power

in showers, do they mean fire

of earth, of sky, of tempest seed

the light of this is riding things

that impede our force, as globality

sources the force


The Source of time does not wither

Nor thither does divine, for hourly

sunshine lights the path for us!
For darkness of the eye, the Is

Of what is coming to much!


O can’t you see, the song of

time! In the, lines that are mine!


It rises through currents

It sings through whiteness

It brings excitement, and

death does ride it!


Preaching prize simple but found

death underground, river’s abound’

to the source, the sky! The oceanic mound

We run like the daisy who lives beyond sound!


Tangible letters unwinding the spider

who webs Nebula into the insider

For outward the silken web of thought

transpires in the death, action brought


dreams torn, my old self gone

Now a force beyond the song

ever temple, residing bang

death doth preach us to your name


the harbouring cold is here

the front of winter breaches clear

the song of death is the fear

of each of us to the year


Where does seven years ago?
Down deep below the sorrow

for hell opens wide and

Heaven ascends

yet roots of trees

grown like men

provide us with what we need

so harness the old times nend


the design of light

the song that moves the heart

i’m going to begin and hit the mark

the arrow sent from the eye

death does shine

but now the tune of death

so begins


death is a lonely rider

whose horse doesn’t missguided

to where, to what, each example

light gives imprisoned

like the single song of wisdom


but for this we ride, out the storm

of time, it moves down the line!!!

o yes, can’t you see, that we, are temporarily free

from the words, of tone, of sight

in sound, reaching spheres abound

like misery emotion

comes a found

like now, now we are here

like a river moving clear

we can see, the places fear

of now, in how, o dear


heart’s will seldom sing

but current’s of death bring

us to the sling of things


horn the trumpet, the sound again!

it is death’s own chosen plan!

how can we save

the distance between this


of good and evil bading

the time forsaking


for this

we are making

another form as fate

death’s gate! Wisdom of late!


NOW is the time

NOW we see the crime


reigning death sublime

coming apparent

yes it is

but the song of hope

it rings throughout all temple shine

so that each of us

can hope, pray, tend to the wounds

that never replace what has come

to be, and past, and will pass

for this is where we reside

in the apparent reality

we have to make amends

we have to turn the corner bend

There is no saving God

Or Rod that gives in

It is our own destiny we make

For we live beyond fate

and time of free-will is choice

as of late

to die

to love

to hope

to clear


But as the song rushes through me

my body is cocooned in radiant love

it is like, how can this be?

Our life, reality? Turned to War

So quickly?


It is so odd, to think of the times

but when past, we wish children

were us again…


Yet, as the song switches

and begins to show its way

the evil one side

light the other grave

for no saving grace is here today!


This day, it announces something great

but what is it? We will have to wait


for many songs ring through the 21

but that was just the beginning

of what was one


two plus one has to reduce to nil

but energy is always present still


Love the shore, come to the hill

For people hold fortress against evil

we never will run

we never will hide

we never will dismiss hatred through guise


what is real, what is real, is this

That we are facing the time of the Fist

No handshake, no love, nor peace can win

But reigning the death from above, within

can save us, can save you


For the eye searches, reaching through

I can see, i can see

death destruction apparently

but nothing so kind, as my RM

for i can sense the plan


Collide, retake what is not yours

force field ties close

No more love, peace or will

time to enter warmongers kill

Dragon’s always rise

Never to deny

that fate of one is the master

and from the beginning guise

I had shown you lies

that lies on lies to grow to this

I am the plan, the current, the fist

O wait, no i’m not, just riddle that


walking fast, the monsters lash

swords steel and combat

like nowhere before

but found us now

we are the current river going outloud

the time of ocean peril is gone

for the oil has deathbed that song


it is war, it is rhythm, it is sacred ground

that I preach from now outloud


I am not here, nor am I there

Where is this place I stand now here?
IT is groundless, eternity now

but I wish to show you how


from gathering ways, of picturing glances

substances and mirrored outlandish

tactics and guise, formula’s and lies

I am now here, there is no more time


going beyond the world and now back

attack on attack from “some buddhist FACK”

but what i say, is that all realms play

and as I return, you will see it that way


War, death, destruction, millions will perish

for to close, we are, to the millionth error

that formulates attacks, and ends clear


This is the final end, for we are near a deep helm

hold the castle! Warn the men, let the attack hold of then

Many things come back to flows

but destruction now knows


For fighting one, you fight us all

for we can see this from the stall

The tree has grown

the peril has shaken

the time for midnight hour has awakened

it is like this peace of mind

this warrior and fiend

leave the past behind


Slash, hit, die

Kill, eternal lies

Preach the ISIS Demise


For War we see, that

infact peace is not that

and boom and bust

and bust to boom

war and peace

are a cycle too


Middle way, to the end

Corner of no-bend

light sends us

to death


The fires of light burn the time

but the time of force comes outlined

and the substance conflagration and bombs

the siddhi of natural history

then develops into missfits misery

so what does the end say?
It preaches find your own way!
Light has never ended

Nor has darkness grown bright

But for our peril

Reach out for God’s own Sight

For you may lose, a chance at this realm

but how do you know, the next

is not felt?
I have told you of the things

that have gone upon

the world, the past, the edge

out last, this time

is like a sublime Milton standard line

for peace is a river that doesn’t end

but continues down the mountain again

to reach the stream, and come alive

for each of us, are a droplet from the eye


About up2quark

I rest with silence and awareness; believing in hope for a brighter future, I feel compelled to write any words that excite me in the spontaneous moments in life! So this is my work; hope you enjoy my musings.
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