yeah yeah yeah

coming at it, just slowing relaxing, chill into the flow, it is

alive, and come just like every season so


I tell ya, I get nothing in my pockets, covered in locks

keys I can’t find, can’t mine, won’t mind, just blocks

along the time tic toc, of when the shit takes off

for each hour hand, moves towards the hour’s moth

as electricity comes, fries the circuits, enhances what lurks

beneath and below the shadow


do I have anything else to say?

Fuck it?

It’s a weekend, yeah, go out


Trouble sleeping, can’t use tea steeping

for fever dreaming comes lucidly

along the lines of delirious awakening

in other times, but times awoken now

like fabrics aloud turning the cloud

how? I do not know, but rain’s shower

from the Castle Wall Tower

A true mirage of Truth we can see in an hour

but to a primordial Dao, one just trips on it


faded? nah, just coming at you from a low

depression seeds sorrow’s sow

from the depth of the wells below

don’t you feel my pain, the bee sting grain

of sand that piercings my heart right open

like standard procedure, nobody to be around

since my system is riding in toxins

but what the fuck? Don’t take me, or judge my name

for Who are you in my brain?
Take a look in the mirror, and see no dust settles Benane

for clear-view I see, but it’s the weekend


Nothing more, than fighting my own demons

but is it fame, money, nothing either?

Or does it even bother, that I am no G

Just a standard bum who frequently

writes rhymes to slow down the tyranny

of no poetic justice hitting the waves

for you see, these words of mine,

you don’t even know me, for in my mind

there is no apparent reality, for traversed

to the far shore I have now seen

and what I hope to be is congruently

but back in time, but forward in decency

but ah, what can I see

other than my own demons?


so here we are back again were no beginning lies

and eternal lies just supply nil to abilified

for what we say, is


Run, walk, talk, shot, drop

drop, talk, walk, run

see, can’t, overcome

just, sense, before

doors, open, floored


in the honor


Who am I?

I am the unmanifested Manifest, the principle of Order

We wiring my frequency to the electric border

that you feel, all around you body, but wires pull

you back to Source at full, yet as you know

All is One,


so the boundless open system

just expands as one bubble universe

while other systems just bubble to their own frequency

as the spheres unite the planes, so just hide that occult secret


O wait, occult is cool, what brotherhood are you? White…

The way of path is in the Academia, far camp, distant shores of white sand still beaches

long rivers of paradise to reaching down waterfalls

each boundary also in paradise, is to realize what is there, is always not

for if one is in heaven on earth, hell is in heaven, but both exist as portals to Summerlands


Elysius river flowing in sweet delight

as the souls dance tonight

O wait, it rest night, not going out

just spitting some verse without a doubt

just a cathartic reason i shout

ending with praising help


About up2quark

I rest with silence and awareness; believing in hope for a brighter future, I feel compelled to write any words that excite me in the spontaneous moments in life! So this is my work; hope you enjoy my musings.
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