dimension sings like a note through the breeze

a wind rustling a tree, but holding clear

of the debris of oil, the pollution of humans

the cancer of our nature is solutions

for problems arise when the 100th

see’s the game of the 99th, for how petty strife

like marginal errors repeating the dice

thrown not random, but set magick on thrice

myriad of temples magic invoking destorecution

but never hopping of elemental reduction

for what seduction holds production in the solution of conduction?

only light fires from an atom of glorious problematic

for how can the atom of the natural blending rays be born from the days?

it is only seen, but is heard through the holy spirit

that we are all one, each voice is a member coherent

for stress of determinants comes from the filament

of the light that shines from the fires that burn eternal

but smoke away, puffs of air rise

and selection dies, but election compromises

that times for surprises all raising in times needing denying

so abide in the notion that all that comes is not me

but is me, but just said through this  voice

can’t you see how i jump like a choice

but choiceless matter, we are all here in hell

for my hell is no one listens to me this time

for i went down under, into the realms below

and i transfixed on members sorrow

but tomorrow never comes, but the gut keeps it sums

to see if right is wrong or wrong is right

to never know on this blight

is like a transnational migration of knowing

but what do you sow? weeds are plowing through the rivers

intention to legalize the magick tonight

once in sight the rhythm invites happenings alright?

it just situates itself as an episode of delirious rants

but never compacts into a full blown meta overarching fact

like the Atlantis I hold in my glorious tract

arise, but deny it to them of men

for they never knew of hwen, deep below

seeds of so ever i will wow to the over comber nation

that sensation is just a relation to the new souls poration

of the nation that never loses its graduation

of news, chaos in the mix, man is the chaos, in the fix

you get it yet? this is all chaos, destruction of mind

fragment dimensional support of reconstruction

for the MIND is universal while don’t mind that

but i just belong to wear my own hat

this and that leads back to me coming free

so now you see, I rhyme like a dear me.


About up2quark

I rest with silence and awareness; believing in hope for a brighter future, I feel compelled to write any words that excite me in the spontaneous moments in life! So this is my work; hope you enjoy my musings.
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