Farthest Shore

Tenth muse, open the senses Heart

Fearing shores waves apart

Like torn structures, washing departs

This Ice Cathedral, imposing darts

Castle walls happening, the wishing well

Please, o please, pleading from hell

But I is hellish, suffering foretells

That cycles are shorter, beings due dwell

In lands below in cisterns dell

Betwixt the photon, quark and swell

Of oceanic ocean peril!


O my muse, my Heart longs for more

Departure to the farthest shores!

For land arise, finds, and then opens doors

Just walking through the keyhole bored

Tension rises, locks click, unwinding gore

But ligaments hold together, we are sure


That times in song, times in this light daze

Come to me in a peripheral maze!

I can see the boundaries, limits, walls

Dissolving currents and opening stalls

It is like there is momentum now, in the call

That primordial intelligence stems from all


It is like a black realm, facade of ghosts

Terrible wisps and tell me not hoax

For in this place the darkness will shine

And create deserters aligned

Walking slowly I can tell you this

That my being is below the gift

In search, but found, my heart! It’s wish

Is to be open to the land upon this


So as I sang, this dainty praise

My heart is flowing in realms and days

I can sense the flower just wishing stays

That lotus just bloomed, nothing conveys

That all this is right, all this is wrong

Where is the judge, who draws the line strong?

Don’t judge nothing, nothing judges you

For the emptiness will eat you through and through

So if you come to see this riddle

Its that the land is void and middled

In proportional bends of Light and Dance

Trance upon the mood and Chance

Luck my fortune has rode me to death

But now I can say, o yea, take a breath

Deeper into the core we must go downleft

And be right upon the land of West


I can see dragons

Tortuous caverns

Trolls and goblins mining havoc

Danger in psychic realms of magick

Labyrinth walls, the mind, contracted

Left free, be right, ecstatic


There is a wade of things vision in clear

Dear, mistake, there is nothing to fear

For far from home, I hold and swear

That this is the last straw, don’t take me there


The wind whistles the voice that echos

The silent mysterious land in meadows

Its prairies gossip rings loud and clear

Why is this kid’s madness not cleared?


It’s just you say, madness is divine

And i’m just a new vine of the De-Vine

Growing noire black shining bright kind

Can’t you see, Oneness goes beyond matters mind


My heart’s an empty boat

Flowing out, dissolving, now in Oceanic float

I now am just a song of the wave

Be brave for now I am altered today


There just was a ring, audible, clear

Like, love is near, never fear,

For ringing clear the song seers

Into the deepening realm condineered

Silent harmonies ring like angles breaths


There is a beauty beautifully rare

Like a spring blossom of family affairs

But tragic, why take ya there

For they are tracking what this mirrors


Write contrite, they are right

Doctors think they can wear the white

Riding the chariot, proletariat

Yet who built the massive inglorious


It is the realm of dancing ancient patterns

Cycles entering and dissolving through Saturn

Venus and Mars just dance their own tune

And then replaced, that matters beyond soon


About up2quark

I rest with silence and awareness; believing in hope for a brighter future, I feel compelled to write any words that excite me in the spontaneous moments in life! So this is my work; hope you enjoy my musings.
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