Essence Consumes

When I was in the desert, the storm of sands came upon me

The choir of dust rose! From the ashes of the phoenix turmoil.

It was the pain of centuries, of eons, of long times past,

And it fell upon me, just descended from above;

Just many ladders lead the way home…

We hope we can change, we hope that Clouds

Will provide the rains for every much needed crop,

For without the plentiful amount of discard, how

Can we begin to see that all nutrients fall down the

Cracks, and are sealed away in the Earth,

For Centuries, upon centuries, were we change

But can’t harbour the main pain of Her

She is the laborer of our fields, our mines, the

Lumber we cut to feed our home, it is essential

To praise the Glory of Mother Nature Also


But when some clouds cry, they materialize

Into another form, a liquid, a paste, a healing

Agent, that just salves the flowing current,

And stops one from being able to see, what

Has to be done, such as wash away the dust.


Do you feel the same? The dream of mana, ambrosia

Sweet nectared wine, sweeter than the finest harp,

Singing the tales of beginning past late of the hour,

For darkness is now creeping along the land.


What is the beginning of darkness, one may ask,

We have pondered weary and meak for many centuries,

To deliver the magi revelation of this task, it perhaps

Has shown you now that lies, neh, ignorance of Truth!

Is what temples the burden of the land.


It is like the sand pillars of time erupted from the dust,

Collected from the winds that blew many things south,

For doth we know the wind’s can darken fronts before thee,

For beyond the horizon, even the fairest storms do faire,

In regrets, as the cloud doesn’t rain over us, but what

We know is the streams bring the constant flux

Of liquid solid to the river’s swift stream.


Never step twice or regret your walk

For in the same water you never cross

Do the other, the side of a Truth,

The truth of no lies, but eternal compromise

Is what lives beyond our lives.


What? You want another wine and bread at the table?
Why not be sacrificed to save the noble?
Or just know the Purusha has come, ignoble though art

To know in the deepest dream that I conjure

Is the Glory of the Cup that set Galilee apart


It came from a long line, yes it did; Alexander the Bard

Song it’s own tail to my dilemma

Dragon stand houses rock fortress command

Nothing beyond the particular sands…


I see the figures, remote, sitting, tall, corrected, wise

They wish to tell the tale, the song, the muse

The tenth! It has come! It is over me! Consuming

The disgrace of what was once, why race now,

To the conclusion, we are just starting, for the dust

Had to give it’s trust into the nothingness of the end!

The end is just around the corner bend, truth or lies

You will have to weigh your own weights,

Until Judgement comments, no more lies


Yet, down the whole we go, to another place,

Another tomorrow, another gift never found, just

A face walked among the crowd, string the song

Past the version of standing alone

This is the greatest section below


Dance with flame, with heat, without name

It just has to be, nothing apparent, relatively

Just a thought, but no more, unaware

Movements, which way, slithering

Is where, my body, left me, conjuring

A temple destruction, summoned!!!

Who art thou! Walking in death!

I am thou! I am the Last! Callisto

Sent me, no time for you; standstill

Is where we are at my old friend death!

Breath, my young son, trance has breathed

It’s own tongues into your words!

Remain, here, captured in this moment

As water breaks at fjords, so you will

Is disciplined in this fire of death!
O yes! Dance with the flame! Twirling

Undead Figures! Ascended from Hell!
For Heat is were the motions Well!

Boiled skin and angered brains

Angry at howling death down

My alive body! Dancing undead with

The spirits! Just another tag along!

It is coming down, like pulling carnivores

Who hunger at the emanations

It is like, this is apparent real now, feel the fright!

Horrible sights of sulphur burning

The eyes, no gaze, I could flee, but I stand tall!

Burning, my eyes, eternalize! Flame combined!

The eye sees all through fires aligned!

For in death, doth thyne will preach Sublime!

Deep here, underworld the world, currents

Of rivers deeper the Elysian furl,

Into realms and spheres so dark and plastic

That one cannot even see elastic eyes

Stretching for miles, as the flame

Consumes! The heat! It boils the temperature

Below freezing, so the skin doeth harden

Into millions crackling splinters! Piercing your own skin

Alive in freezing fin! Nothing dead, just time has come

The clock has struck 12, not mine, but the dance

Praise to the song beyond the dream! For!
It has come to be seen! Along with relativity!
This is just the beginning of a movie scene!
What can i say as we temporally evolve through

This membrane we call “Home”, we end

That all the mystery is just one clue;

How silent are you?


About up2quark

I rest with silence and awareness; believing in hope for a brighter future, I feel compelled to write any words that excite me in the spontaneous moments in life! So this is my work; hope you enjoy my musings.
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