Going Down

Twisted signs in the centuries have been foretold,

Like icicles freezing as they stand frozen cold,

Seals break, Seventh pouring Of the Bowl,

Listen to the story that below


Above I feel like it is diminishing, that times have come

And passed, moving from the beginning to last.

Save the land? Why? Millions flee just for release…
In paradise? Who needs to be crowned, just

Ask a snake and you may increase, in the


Endless wastelands, hot temperatures libido,

Back and Forth, like the seeded veil, although,

Many things have seen the signs, comprendo?

Blood red rivers, Asteroid rain, Trumpets sang…

Yet even the force Yellow amassed is insane…


There are soul’s condemned, soul’s that are free

To sing from the Tree, but do I speak like another One?

Gifted yes, but no Christ, beloved, just a disguise,

That finds it way into the Khan, realize that

The Heaven, the Love, the Holy Land; – spat

On that, for why can’t Jerusalem come down?

O well, that is another slaughtering around…


All in All, the best religion is no-religion…

As things from geographic location design the prison

And light allows the soul to refract from prisms,

That all Rainbows will be seen as covenantal given


Here we go, to the rabbit show below……………..


Sad voices, calling from the depths of the sea,

How can we be gone? Lost the eternal misery?
Is no the pressure of life enough? Or did we dream it?
Like a fresh fountain giving water, never stopping,

But remaining, sustaining, giving life to Galilee

Look into yourself, who truly is the Good Samaritan?


Ah, but in this deep place! This crevice inside myself?

Why has it been locked, why has it been caged…
I see, the misery, of death, eternally, flying free

Scythe chain will of death running currently

Ask darkness always descends on those conditionally,

Let us sing the song now expressfully


To be? Tis a noble act

Perchance, a flicker?

Light’s in deep me

Were roots are gone

No more, no here

Gone, Nothing

Eternally, expressful

Of a eternal yellow light

A simple voice

No choice ….


Take my hand, surrender to the design, lead away your lies

For in this I give you my hand, to take you away, to another land

To fly in the realms of Ravens and Owls and Wolves

Do we translocate into another expressive mode!

When you come to me, I can give you Siddhi

I can completely see, Master the ways in Me

So you can feel the energy of what is

This is not some elementary riddle

For God gifts each to his own middle!


About up2quark

I rest with silence and awareness; believing in hope for a brighter future, I feel compelled to write any words that excite me in the spontaneous moments in life! So this is my work; hope you enjoy my musings.
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