In the Beginning Times

In the beginning time

Soft waters run smooth

Still currents ran deep

And Earth grew from Fire


It’s radiant glow

Cold yet serenading

From below, seeds sowed

The bubble’s rose thorn


Connection’s Void

Abyss in Splicing Torture

Fusion connects

Gravity in all moments


The Strings expressed

Along the flames

Beckoning call

Silence found the echo


Yet, what forged the Metal?
Who controlled the Anvil?
Who helped the beggar?
No man, for it is


Like a seed time was

Like jumping units

Quantum shifts



When radical dies

So such sprout alive

Birds sing silent grace

Dragon’s walked in wake


For, how could the stories

Of Fion or Taelism be favoured?

Merlin conquered, past pages

Magick now found in stages


The Circle Drums

Beat the Home’s Thought Away

Light years away, travelled

Why so Sirius Am I


Embrace this Totality

Universal Axis tilted

Seer seeing stables

Attitude wavers


I Am, not that

I am, Not This

I am not this nor that



This shows, you are

That is experience

Beyond, layers and stars

Here, moment’s lens


Deep rattles in the bones

Deeper than atom’s thrones

Deepest structure’s cone

Conical field growing stone


Many years, walking dead

Bardo, now essence

Just a victim dread

Silence to thy


Walking like a forest fern

Through the rivers talking turns

Up and down the left and burns

Taking Castles walls from the Churns


The mote, mote it be

Yet many things

We are the sea

Flinged in the root


The root was, now gone

Sprouted towards

Behind, yet forwards



The temple grew

From clay, as

Fire and Water

Churned the deep shadows


What luked beneath the well

Do you wish me to tell?
I am the beast coming from Hell!

Dragon claws holding prison

Temples of torture randomly given

Eyes and stew, Styx and brew

Nothing but Shadows in this home

Dark prisons of temples bone

Carving sketches to your own

Animals menu treat nectar sweet

As you plasma is just like meat!


This sounds o not so great

But this is like the Liver Steak

Given from Fire, the Sun One

Beyond the Earth, Water, and Air


Held captive, does the dance

For it allowed the system

To Advance

Order along the path


What is the cycle of the Moon

Why does the Earth dance no Tune

Just death walking soon

Endless Midnight Noon


I see the Home

A fortress of Rock

Slow entertaining thoughts

Open does it dare

Now i am place nowhere


The soft clouds walk

Has seen the triangle

It is found in rhythms

Of shaders polygon


Death does not shake well

But beings sometimes are hell

Some time since, sometimes mean

Dancing myself, so serene


Three bubbling

Air, clay, fire

Keeping mountains

Of no desire


For in the earth, caverns hold

The old, the weak, of stones

Yell strong, long

For i am gone


Temples here

Like pillars

Holding two



The earth cooled

The fire sang

It sparked





It grew shoulders, it grew heads

It grew bodies

It grew and fed


Yet each part of the whole

Broke off, wanted it’s own soul

Do not eat the apple

For the soul was contained

Inside the sugars membrane

The path i walk now

Higher smoke allowance

Passage nether

Center balance


The question, how does

The Druid see?

It is relative

To Truth


The more one knows, the less

One can see

So nothing gives rise

To everything!


So first body i am not

The second comes fraught

The third is naught

Ten thousand everything sought!


Many gone yet rocks

Like fingers from before

Of only standing


Each wolf holds its pack

Each Lion roars infact

Each panther stalks its prey

Why is so many different anyways?


Walk slow in these lands for temples break


The shadowlands

Is death to me

I see a witch

Holding red power soaked indeed

She summons my

Gateway walked through

Otherside, past dues


The torture past life

Strife of what is

Past beyond relative conquered kids


The song is now following a beat

But random infact, does is my own treat

As it comes to be, if fell away

Down, down, nobody anyways


So to say, what is now

Anyhow, somewhere

Was left a part

Of glaucoma

In darkness


The shore, walking sands

Shifting currents power plans

Like death doth sing

To various oems

But each way to the path

Is our own home


I see the canus

Power to ultimate



I story’s end, but will continue

So what is let

Is from the window

Ending back to me

I come into reality

Set apart from the flowing sea

Where the current to the m

And left nothing

As you seen


So that is nothing in everything

Now be



About up2quark

I rest with silence and awareness; believing in hope for a brighter future, I feel compelled to write any words that excite me in the spontaneous moments in life! So this is my work; hope you enjoy my musings.
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