Light Feathers

A song of light feathers dancing in the moonlight

Waving each breath of wind and wave, towards

A greater sight, beyond astral stars in sunlight,

Welcoming every being of wake and way, backwards

Was the path; destined to be nothing remaining!

A simple exchange, nil for not, not nil to be, Endlessly

Walking forwards, to harps and strings arranging,

A symposium denied in thought, Hopelessly


Showing roads, forks, and trampled trails,

Along the currents, spinning webs Rotunda,

Stating, this path for you, hope that prevails,

Anonymity, I’d rather be Nothing Substrata


As I like it, per dream upon chance? Or Revelation

Station, that nothingness arises in substance,

Adrest! Scorn, the fury burns deeper than Prudence,

Swaying rhymes to test, the tracks of Life’s Direction,


The song only likes facing darkness inside temporary monoliths,

Wait a second…..The flow just track switched!

The virus of our age, is infected like a Trojan into our settlements

Wait a minute……The USA Government supplies ISIS!


Waped was this on Media Propaganda to Global “installments”

The Forest even knows the Sound it makes, when nobody’s around!

Waped was this, for old ways are lost in the Wall Street Market!

The Collision in the Grounds, boom and bust cycle repeatedly profound!


Watch as the dance of mystery shines it grace, upon thus this is,

Soothing melodies soften the fawns gentle sleep, awakening from the

Womb; silent, still….Like a lake that hasn’t ever softened,

Stillness, for in this, we are this quiet emotion; placid and ever awake…


This song, springs forth the greatest songs, from the deepest Well!

Ambrosia wrapped in Nectar, what answer do you want? The Soul?
Transmigration from Whole to Whole – limited by Heaven and Hell!

As On this Earth, death can be surrendered as your wait or follow?


To the Hollow! Sugar freely playing from Harper’s instrumental Silence,

Antiques like this Ode, should never be talking Nothing about Mind,

Tomorrow? Why bring back the Eden? Let us move on to another Paradise,

Asleep or deep within the design, nothing sings from the deepest mine,


Walking in the future, one has to be careful where they step;

For after Sun, comes Rain and the Night, deep Moonlight

Wallowing joy and stings from the Hearts that have Wept,

Follow heart’s love, for some turn grey, and all turn intelligent


Frosted shades freezing in scales that are armored ambivalent,

Winter’s cold blowing against the story that has now played,

For walking today in my Path, my face turned away…
Waking every moment in the freezing Arctic Equivalent…


As the Ice unthaws, the shore begins to rise, the Far Shore

Facing the Maker, Judgement, Scales, Leverage,

Asking, Who were you? Were you Yourself, Are you Sure?
Freely, why would you know, this is Application’s Coverage!


Foreign Shore, devachan of Soma and Golden Apples,

Golden Rivers flowing into Honey and a Milky Galaxies,

Fate has showed, that since the beginning, without Chapels

God has risen to the Author’s voice, once again Magickly.



About up2quark

I rest with silence and awareness; believing in hope for a brighter future, I feel compelled to write any words that excite me in the spontaneous moments in life! So this is my work; hope you enjoy my musings.
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