Muse apprehend the moment time,

Certainly, developing the craft,

Is in fact, another way to clear,

The seconds of life, sublime, now

Has counted into the Seer;

Infinite simple as a choice to be,

Are you waiting for anyone? Just a

Simple voice to be, talk directly to me.


Dancing into the flames, gazing luminosity

Brighter than a sphere’s ferocity, that sings

A sweet lullaby into the Harmony of Souls,

Inside, a Tsunami Wave, this combines wholes

To the lightness in the oceanic strongholds

Along the mysteries road, beyond yonder be,

As we now walk deep as now we travel

Beyond the Ocean, beyond the Cliffs, beyond the Veil.

Beyond all sounds, beyond all concepts, beyond all smiles,

Beyond all eternal “I’m going to Heaven” settling desires.


This song is for the faint of Heart, it is only in art,

Do you set yourself apart, try to be something you are not,

Yet those who do not fake it, always can see clear,

It is just Fear the keeps us from being showing the near

Far from you, close to me, Let this song spout in seed!


This Eye, What can you see beyond the Sky?
Is there realms that place himself after our lies?

Or is there no direction nor return? Just another

Way to see deeper into the reasoning twirls,

That twist, shape, and curl the plastic World

Into it’s form, biodegradable waste, a cessation turns.


Skeleton soldiers walking death rows as masses collide,

Into the stars and spheres and moments

That has been left, just nothing, not marital status new

Somewhere beyond though, in the song I sing

There is a united being, nobody could ask it, but as it is

There are things revealing from remembering

And it is like, I, Not – I, shouldn’t I be the forming

Reality, but unshackle Purusha slows it down.


For if no rapture occurred, it is turning your heart into Gold

To see your soul and place your own sands on shores

That do not wither or shore upon Islands to isolate

Just another performance to our myths and tales

That building rocks and strong fortresses prevail

Even, you see, this Myth Turned into Reality,

So does Fantasy hold back your imagination Sway?


Meaning is found in the simple notes of humans

That have massed songs in a united stand towards

The order of those who can see beyond

It is like a sight the telegraph’s me now to a realm that is unchosen and unseen

This place inside is like a wave that echoes the deepest mile

Like so far away, but close to my heart

It stays and asks me? Why stay?

Is not the performance at bay?

And well, comedy has a tragic flaw

That one can know the mysteries law

For God gave grace to man

To ease the pain of the plan

And faith to help settle the pains of worry

So can’t you see, the plan is always in place if you don’t

Turn away


Can you see the string we play, to ease

The hearts so longing for a simple note

Its like, read anothers page and see yourself float

Into their thoughts and ideas and memories

But can you just be, sitting free

Without anyone else and not even a thought to be

It is easy right now i am doing it can’t you see

I’m communicating with you from this place I set without me

There is nothing here, nothing there

Just another been who is aware

But unborn and unaware before now this now is before

For every moment is opening and closing doors

And all this time and seconds and minutes

Has delivered this is quickness

But can’t you see at last

We do not perish, nothingness lasts


As deep forests hide in the mists of time, the hill

Sees a clearing where the waters distill

And allow the difference of chain of thought

For nothingness is a current like river

Flowing from mountains, and helping the cry

Just like the rocks that stone the mire

So can you see, whole sleepless nights, but awake in the dream

Awaoken! I am here, nobody found

Search throughout all grounds, just like another temperance

Just so cold, but warm in this united field of myself

For self is true to nothing

So nothing is true to no self

So as self arises you are to be

As non self arises you are just awareness

What is more simple than that

Just choiceless, you see


Under the fire, burning dancing forms undead above me

But below the water cools me

Nothing has lead me deep into this underworld

A dark place that has helped me see

And then and come free from changing lights

Lost now am the author, this is essence combining free

To essentially natural rudiments that have developed

Of timeline progressions and sung into the muse

It has just allowed me to leave and settle

So sleep, read deeper words and combine the twirls

And centuries and eons that have left

Us in the right way of passion

And know that this is just a temporary state of life

That when the nightmare rides over , the dream

Comes to be and the sin that was never there

And is forgiven but does not exist

Is freedom along the lines of no guilt

And discernment with the beingness that insists

That all things can persist

But they can all die, blackness

No sound


Is like eternal misery to the ni

But as you see, this has to be realized.


The notes hit me strong there, the feeling inside me pulses

There is energy that dances the bubbling cells of my being

I speak to you my friend? What is it

There is no world between us

Just a door

And a wise lady who sees the apron of her cooking

It is like another temptation to see into the dark realms

I can see you my friend

All we dream about is in the spheres

If one connects the soul there something

Not telling

But than allows for it to fulfill

You can bridge  ways to beyond


Cup filled, never still, thrill beyond quills

Like notes and wands that per will

Has chosen this instrument

To be in light of the song

Here we go to another temperature that has set it in a

Place To sing, eternally, do we mirage, the truth

Of life, in spite of all we write…


I can see the realms so far down, can you feel, my pain

In the darkness hell of nurseries bane

It comes and stings me cause i don’t know

What has done this, but i know

That this light will succumb to going

Beyond the realm


About up2quark

I rest with silence and awareness; believing in hope for a brighter future, I feel compelled to write any words that excite me in the spontaneous moments in life! So this is my work; hope you enjoy my musings.
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